Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Reggae # 21

David Emmanuel aka Smiley Culture (10 February 1963 – 15 March 2011)

As Kippers put it succinctly in a Tweet this week, it is the cruellest of ironies that a man famous for this record should die in what look to be deeply suspicious circumstances during a police 'drugs raid'.

What a sad, sad end.

Here's to happier times with a witty pioneer of British reggae/ragga MCing.

Smiley Culture - 'Cockney Translation' (1984)


  1. Cockney Translation' translated...

    11, 10 ,9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
    It's I Smiley Culture with the Mic in me hand
    Me come to teach you the right and not the wrong
    In a de Cockney translation

    Cockney's not a language it is only a slang
    And was originated ya so inna England
    The first place it was used was over East London
    It was respect for different style pronounciation
    But it wasn't really used by any and any man
    Me say strictly con-man also the villain
    But through me full up of lyrics and education
    Right here now you go get a little translation.

    Cockney have names like Terry, Arthur and Del Boy
    We have names like Winston, Lloyd and Leroy
    We bawl out YOW while Cockneys say OI!
    What Cockneys call a jacks we call a blue bwoy.
    Say Cockney have mates while we have Spa
    Cockney live in a drum, while we live in a yard
    Say we get nyam, while Cockney get capture
    Cockney say Guv'nor, we say Big bout ya

    In de Cockney translation x2

    Well watch a man.......
    The translation of Cockney to understand is easy
    So long as you ain't deaf and you listen me keenly
    You should pick it up like a youth who find some money
    Go tell it to your friends and also your family
    No matter if a English or a Yardy
    Ca' you never know when them might buck up a Cockney
    Remember warn dem dem deh man dem don't easy
    Dem no fire sling shot a me say strictly double B
    Dem run protection racket and control 'nuff CID

    Say Cockney fire shooter, we bus' gun
    Cockney say tea leaf, we just say sticks man.
    You know dem have wedge, while we have corn
    Say Cockney say Be first my son! we just say Gwan!
    Cockney say grass, we say informer man
    When dem talk about iron, dem really mean batty man
    Rope chain and choparita me say, Cockney call tom
    Cockney say Old Bill we say dutty Babylon

    In a de Cockney Translation x2

    Well watch a man
    Slam bam
    Jah man
    Hear dem

    But let me first tell you more about the Cockney
    Who live comfortably and have a yacht by the sea
    And when it come to money most of them have plenty
    But where dem spent it? In de bookie
    Lose it all on the dogs or on the gee gees
    Or paying off fe dem bribes to the Sweeney
    So dem nah get no time fe Armed Robbery
    Or catching anything that fell off the back of a lorry

    Slam bam
    Jah man
    Hear dem
    Me strong
    Me long
    Me at the mike stand
    More time
    In a dance
    Me chat
    'pon a sound

    But sometimes me shake out and leave me home town
    And that's when me travel a East London
    Where I have to speak as a different man
    So that the Cockney can understand
    So black man and white man hear dem fashion

    Cockney say scarper, we say scatter
    Cockney say rabbit, we chatter
    We say bleach, cockney knackered
    Cockney say triffic, we say waaaacked!

    Cockney say blokes, we say guys
    Cockney say alright, we say Ites
    We say pants, Cockney say strides
    Sweet as a nut.... just level vibes, seen?

  2. I feel like I'm learning a new language. I haven't yet learned properly all the others. Still, it's cool running vibe in the night. Yes I.

  3. A terribly sad ending.

    Is it okay to have a drink yet? I think I may be on the Appleton's tonight

  4. It would be a tribute Drew, so I think, yes.

  5. Have a good weekend Mr H.

    A glass of the usual is it?

  6. Think I'll open proceedings with a pint of London Pride. Cheoz.

  7. I may join you in one of those actually

  8. Eeh, it's like sitting at a virtual pub table.

  9. I love many things about this record, but the bit where he says 'fell off the back of a lorry' is one of my favourites and best.

  10. All okay again. Thank god for the local Spar.

  11. Word verif is the spooky 'mettend'

    I've just been drinking apple juice that looked like piss.

    In fact my little boy said when offered some 'no, le wee wee'

  12. Don't mind stuff that resembles a sample Simon, especially Hoegaarden.

    I know Comic relief is for a good cause but don't you just hate all these worthy fuckers, especially that git Moyles. If you want to do something, donmate a month's salary to the charity instead of getting your name in the record books. git!

    All get my coat, shall I?

  13. Spar is an anagram of Raps - how spooky is that? I s'pect Smiley is er, smiling down on us. Nice day forecast tomorrow. May cut the grass. Then smoke it as a tribute.

    Cans of Draught Guinness left overs. Black not Red.

  14. Meanwhile has anybody seen the Withnail/Star Wars mash up thingy:

  15. Isn't just? I was in hysterics afterwards.

  16. C3P0 and Withnail - separated at birth. Level vibes, seen?

  17. Stabbed himself in the heart, eh?

    Course he did...

  18. IPCC issues update on investigation.

  19. "Bad apples ... are seldom brought to justice: no policeman has ever been convicted of murder or manslaughter for a death following police contact, though there have been more than 400 such deaths in the past ten years alone. The IPCC is at best overworked and at worst does not deserve the “I” in its name." - The Economist April 2009

    Blair Peach in 1979,... Stephen Waldorf 1983,... James Ashley 1998,... Harry Stanley in 1999,... Jean Charles de Menezes in 2005,... Abdul Kahar in 2006,... Ian Tomlinson 2009,...