Thursday, March 03, 2011

I Don't Let Go

I was mocked for having this record. Mocked! 'Today I am a small blue thing' indeed. But 'Marlene On The Wall' was rotation play on the relaunched 'Radio Caroline' all through the night handwriting essays in the crappy house in Turnpike Lane with the ruby-red flock wallpaper and the jetblack cockroaches that skittled through the kitchen at the flick/flick flicker-on of the fluorescent striplight. That headlong rush of words you only get on a song the singer means.

And this.

'I believe right now if I could, I would swallow you whole' ?


This is a davyh vinyl rip.

Suzanne Vega - 'Undertow' (1985)


  1. I wouldn't have mocked you.

    wv is stivenal - isn't that part of your past?

  2. Show me who mocked you and i'll sort them out Mr H. Will not have a word said against Ms Vega, although a smile once in a while would be nice.

  3. Who mocked you? I'll do em over for ya.

    We loved this album, but then we were art students and me and my best mate were the only blokes in our crowd at that point.

  4. Um, Drew, are we the blog heavies then?

    It's quite 1985 isn't it, sorting somebody out because of Ms Vega.

    I love the albums she did in the early 90s with her now ex hubbie Mitchell Froom. 99.9F° especially is a great album. Possibly my favourite.

  5. People are ready to engage in fisticuffs over Suzanne Vega! The 80s were emotive times I suppose, lines drawn, tribes at war, but even so...

  6. I appreciate your support chaps, but violence will not be necessary.

    I don't really know her later stuff Simon. I got this one, which I liked a lot, the 2nd one, which I liked a little less, and stopped there.

    She's definitely locked in a particular time for me.

    Although I heard her play live on Radcliffe & Maconie last year and did enjoy it.

  7. Oddly, I thought it was Scully. From Mulder and Scully.

    I'm not sure I knew what Suzanne Vega looked like..but her voice I recognise. 17 in 1985 and I missed this one, bet I was busy crocheting lace doilies or helping out at the Girls Friendly Society.

    Thank you

  8. In 2nd year at Uni in 85 *feels old*

  9. Anyway, ah yes 1985. Whilst most of you were putting little or nothing into the economy, I was helping to drop supplies at ultra low level from the back of a C130 Hercules aircraft in some inhospitible part of Africa.

    And you thought I was some Cold War-mongering gung-ho fascist posturing astride a Greenham Cruise Missile.

    And as for anyone who mocked our Davy ...
    Nuke em all. Plebs!

  10. ah turnpike lane my introduction to this london - box room with only contrast volume and brilliance to save me from the two snooty teachers...
    i have the most awful feeling i'd've at least tutted or daydreamed off somewhere at vega then. she wore beret well mind

  11. The ability to wear beret well is underrated.