Monday, March 14, 2011

So Precious, So Sweet

I was noodling about on the internet the other night listening to Lou Reed and something made me Wikipedia his song, so I read inadvertently about this one which, excuse my very great ignorance, I was entirely unaware of before.

Very lovely, in that early 60s 'Patti Page And Lemonade' kind of way.

I needs to get me more doo wop.

The Excellents - 'Coney Island Baby' (1962)

Their nearly-men story here.


  1. That was okay Mr H. But a word from the wise, a little Doo Wop goes a long way.

  2. Well, there's a fair bit of this sort of thing of course - the white college boy stuff; and then there's the black vocal groups, the guys that learned to sing on the street corners and stoops of New York City, and Philadeplia PA, baby. And I think I 'd like some more, all told.

  3. And I say I was entirely unaware of this one, though I don't think that can be true. I think it's been there in the background. But I wouldn't have gone 'Oh yes well of course the Lou Reed is basically a blah blah' until the other night.

    There's Tom Waits too, of course.

    And an old barbershop number older than them all.

  4. thanks for posting this; lovely stuff.

    Do Wop is so strange and dreamlike...makes me feel like searching out some more tonight.
    I had no idea the Lou Reed song had a precedent in the Excellents original.
    'this one goes out to Lou and Rachel and all the kids and PS192.' !
    I like Mr Reeds music when its nearest to Do-wop, Frank Zappa's Ruben & the Jets, likewise.