Friday, March 25, 2011

The Smiling Hour

Since you're here again I think it's fair to assume there isn't a musically-prejudiced bone in your body.

But just in case I say 'Azymuth' and you think: 'Oh noooohhh Mr H! Synthy noodly 80s jazz-funky? Not for me!' may I assure you that this is...

authentically Brazilian

and very unfeasibly-warm-March-evening-in-London-Town-with-a-cold-San Miguel-ey.

Hey! You're welcome!

Mine's a large one!

Azymuth - 'Salto Das Sete Quedas (Cascade Of The Seven Falls)' (1982)

*OK, there's a bit of synth at the end. And an electric keyboard all the way through. In fact...Oh bugger it.


  1. Hey Im listening to Spandau Ballet's True album, which incidentally sounds great, so Im not going to judge. Now if I only had some deck shoes and a flick fringe on Id feel suitably 1983.

  2. As it happens I have been perfecting my mambo at a Latino groove class this week. So this is spot on .. And I have wine.
    Happy Friday

  3. You too Mills, and good on ya; I am ashamed to think of the state of my mambo.

  4. Evening Mr H, Simon, Simon. It's Friday the sun has been shinning and in the words of the Younghearts, "a little togetherness is all we need" well that and some Bulldog gin.

    Max has two pals staying over tonight, tomorrow I willdefinately need a couple of gins.

    Have a good weekend people

  5. Keeping in with the international theme I can recommend this, this (bought today and yesterday} and this which I tried last night and is an absolute delight...

  6. There's a case for moving back to a Soul Friday, and it is well made by that track Drewster.

    I have lurked around the Tony Allen album Mond, almost getting it a few times - now listening on Spotify.

  7. Drew, I love that track, it's a good un. I've been on a Northern and Reggae kick this week, but not full on head first. Just in case the summer disappears.

    Word veri is 'chear'. Perfectly fitting!

    Happy Friday all!

  8. Nah then.

    Late back. Waylaid at O'Neills, and a farewell stout with a 30 years served voluntary Council redundee. 1 of many thousand of 'good eggs' leaving Public Service on 1 April 2011 thanks to swingeing cuts. Gave him a floppy white cricket hat, a 1988 mobile phone and a Yorkshire CC Yearbook 1950/1.

    Ran for train. Dropped keys on platform. Touch n go. Last man aboard. Kissed conductress/clippie by way of thanks.

    Potential hangover possibly warned off by an ex-warm asda chicken and a gallon of tap water.

    Missed Millie's perfect Mambo. Story of my life. Simon's turned into a Kemp brother, drew enforces the follow-on with a post Luton snifter, Mondo has the chutzpah of a freshly paw de-thorned lion, and Davy .. more cosmopolitan cool than any middle-englander has the right to be.

    Time for bed, said Zeberdee. X

  9. Night night, said Florence x