Monday, July 04, 2011


Who is the gaucho amigo?
Why is he standing
In your spangled leather poncho
And your elevator shoes?
Bodacious cowboys
Such as your friend
Will never be welcome here
High in the Custerdome

God I love this song.

Steely Dan - 'Gaucho' (1980)

PS: Lots of fun for all the family at the Steely Dan Dictionary.


  1. Odd that the dictionary doesn't have 'Haitian Divorce' in it. There's a good discussion here though.

  2. I agree Mick - tis 1st thing I looked for. Not sure I'm any the wiser really.

    And I still find that Framptonesque petrol-syphon-tube-guitar-noise-thing a bit disconcerting.

  3. i know nothing of the steelies. passed me by somehow. i'll have a go when i'm back up and at 'em

  4. I gave them what Mr Mondo might call 'a swerve' for years, thinking they were all prog and AOR, not realising they were jazz, lit and 'arch' in a very good way. But I've already sort of said all of this. Comin' up five years on here now, repeating myself : ( x

  5. Look forward to it Davide. We have little else. Save being at work til we're 68 with arthritic fingers and twinkles in our wrinkles.

  6. Synchronicity! This is my favorite tune of theirs, been on heavy rotation in my world lately as well. See here for the Keith Jarrett number it was (allegedly) plagiarized from.

    Great lyrics on this, utterly inscrutable. (Haven't checked the dictionary yet... is spangled-leather poncho in there?)

  7. No, but 'The Custerdome' is - one of the few fictitious locales in their oeuvre, apparently.


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