Saturday, July 23, 2011

Take The Box

Boy, does that title take on a horrible irony now.

What a talent, what a terrible waste.

I maintain this is her finest song.

Sleep soft Amy x


  1. I posted a lazy YouTube embed of the album version of this (since removed by the record company) way back in December 2007, in dark days, literally and otherwise - appreciative and worried about her, and kind of wishing her well. I think we all thought she was on a knife edge back then. And despite the recent horrible live appearances, and all the associated tabloid rubbish, I really did think she'd get back in control of her life; so I'm definitely not with those people saying tonight they weren't surprised by the news.

    It shocked the heck out of me.

    And she was a proper talent.

  2. Was a shock to me. A lot of people queuing up on rolling news being wise after the event, talking bollocks.

  3. Shocked the hell out of me too despite all the warning signs.

    I think this is her best song too, I bought "Frank" years ago on a trip to London without having heard it before because the blurbs on the front made it sound like my cup of tea. Man, was it ever. What a great fucking album.

  4. I love her voice and music and always hoped she'd get herself together despite all the signs. I've thought so much about her family, having to watch her suffer as she did and in such a public way must be more than heartbreaking.

  5. It is amazing how many mucicians who were also drug addicts died at the age of 27. Perhaps it is a right of passage into a kind of dismal infamy. In the great beyond, I hope we simple ones might see what these artists were to have been had they overcome thier problems for surely it is all very good and very right.


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