Monday, July 18, 2011

Touching Heaven

Somewhere in between dropping the girlies off at Harry Potter 7 and loading up with weekend veggies at the market I managed a return visit to the very splendid Collectors Record Centre in Kingston on Saturday with only ten minutes to go till he closed (continued thanks to Artog for the original recommend). In the briefest of flicks in the 'all LPs £1' crates I turned up a near mint condition copy of this, which was rather nice, and was presented by the proprietor with one of his business cards after asking if he ever had any Lewis Taylor albums in.

All those years of going to Kingston and I never knew about this wonderful place; I hope it doesn't disappear now I've only just found it.

Working Week - 'Touching Heaven' (1986)
Working Week - 'South Africa' (1986)


  1. Glad you're doing your bit. I've picked up a few things I've been meaning to get for years (Stones and JJ Cale). Other than those the best find was the soundtrack to The Singing Detective - I don't normally venture much before c. 1955 music-wise, but the songs on this are so strange and soporific. Or maybe my memories of the series just make me think that?

  2. Too much time is my particular favourite off of that album.

    And on the topic of good deals. I nearly made up for my miserable weekend. I got a near mint vinyl copy of Dot Alison's first solo album and copy # 404 of the 7" Arab Strap remix of Don't Die Just Yet, both for just 99p the fact that I already have both doesn't matter a bargain's a bargain right?

    I also got some other rather fine 12" singles by Deep Dish and Pete Heller amoungst others.

  3. 'Too Much Time' is a Captain Beefheart song - from the same LP as this.

  4. I was not aware of that Mr H, thanks. I think that I will hav to purchase that Beefheart album

  5. I didn't know either until I clocked the composer credit for 'Don Van Vliet' on the album sleeve. Got to say, those two songs are both excellent.


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