Friday, August 19, 2011

L'Heure Souriante

I am eating moules tonight, with big hunks of French bread.

So Mrs H'll be on the salad*

And yes, I have started on the rosados.

I absolutely bloody love this.

Les Négresses Vertes - 'Face À La Mer (Massive Attack Remix Full Version)' (1993)

*unfortunate food poisoning incident, Ibiza 2002


  1. Evening Mr H, can't abide mussels but L loves them.

    Chicken Biryani for me tonight washed down with a rather nice Marlborough Sauvignon.

    Quiet tonight, Davy. Have a good one

  2. I am a bit of a seafood fiend. You can take the boy out of Devon but you can't take the...etc. Chicken, on the other hand, I have not eaten for 23 years.

    I like the sound of the NZ plonk though, and approve of all curries in principle.

  3. As a Scot my seafood has to be battered and deep fried. Not really, had a bad allergic reaction to seafood in France a couple of decades ago. Have since tried everything on it's own apart from mussels and no reaction, ergo . .

  4. Ooh! That baseline. I am gone... solid gone...

    As for mussels... Toooo risky.


  5. Les moules getting a bad press over all, then. FYI, mine in white wine and garlic sauce, bit of rosemary from the garden - lovely.

    Freddy - everything's risky bro = condition of living, yeah?

  6. Mussels yes, although I can never convince anyone else here to let me cook them. My dad was a fine one for a pan of mussels, though.

    23 years without chicken?

  7. Yeah, even the spelling. Sadly my auto spell checker has not heard of a bassline, which I guess, technically, should be a bass line...

    In a parallel life I bassline... Ho hum.

    Thanks to Adam for his subtle correction. Nicely done sir.

    Master H, there are risks and there are risks. Them mussels? Just asking for trouble. You can see it in their beedy little eyes... Oh yes.

  8. Aye, 23 years without chicken, pork, beef, all that.

    Fish & seafood though, I could not surrender (sorry fish & seafood).

  9. good choice
    we had also "moules" (with few oignons in their sauce), a bowl of hot cream and french fries / outside in the garden on a summer evening under normandy skies.
    White French Sauvignon not bad with it.
    Your blog is at least as good as this !

  10. Normandy skies! Alberto, thank you.

  11. Chicken, lamb, BACON!

    Never been much for seafood, until I had grouper and monkfish, which are lovely. Especially in curries.


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