Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Will The Doctor See Me Now?

Last night I had a dream about Nina Simone.

I was at her concert, walking the aisles of a huge arena-type venue.

There were many blocks of seats facing different directions and at least four grand pianos, each a different colour, on separate stages, so you couldn’t tell where she'd perform. This was distressing.

I wandered into a labyrinthine backstage area, blundered into a small room. Standing in it was Nina, waiting to go on stage.

Shocked, I apologised for intruding, told her I was lost. She said 'Think nothing of it'.

She said she’d be performing just out here, and pointed beyond the curtain.

I thanked her, kissed her hand and walked out to a block of seats sunk into a posh restaurant area, waiters in white tuxedos serving tables.

They said this was an exclusive viewing area carrying a $50 supplement. Feeling shabby, and not having $50, I shuffled away. Maybe I’d walk up to the back. A long way away, but at least I’d be facing the stage.

Suddenly Nina appeared. She gave the waiter a note. She said a young (sic) Englishman had come by, lost, and could they seat him in the restaurant area?

Realising it was me, the head waiter beckoned me to a table near the front. Would I like a drink? I ordered a gin and tonic. 

The lights dimmed. 

Nina’s performance began.

Nina Simone – ‘I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl (live)’ (1974)

[I have just ordered this album on vinyl, using vouchers kindly gifted for my birthday. It's coming from France. I hope it arrives not-too battered].


  1. I can rarely remember dreams in such detail

  2. Me neither. Function of 'staycation' (groan) late rise, I think.

  3. Don't have dreams anymore, just nightmares.

    Your vinyl will be fine, glasd to see your vouchers went on black plastic and not slippers or something useful.

  4. Marvelous dream and song.

    I'm not going anywhere either. Pls send crackly Nina rips/ recommendations for a good rosé x.

  5. I'm pretty sure you have some lovely Californian rosados all of your own, you know. I have loved this and this under Mediterranean skies. In other news the nice Frenchman has emailed to say Nina's been posted. He 'apologize for the delay due that our company was closed for holidays'. Quite rightly.

  6. To your health, MrH.

    (I am sure it's my own ignorance but I always think wine should come from Europe. Don't tell them here.)



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