Friday, March 09, 2012

The Smiling Hour

Was that a whiff of spring in the air today, or just my wishful thinking?

There really are tiny buds forming on the magnolia tree along the road.

Well here's something smooth and lovely from a record I've plundered before (it brought us The Smiling Hour, in fact).

Um pouco de Brasil on your March Friday evening.

A drink you say? Oh how kind.

Sarah Vaughan - 'Copacabana' (1979)


  1. Er..not entirely sure why all my other recent post are not visible on the one page here...anyone know wh'appen?

  2. everthings a mystery to me i'm afraid dear. and i thought today was a mite chilly. well it was on my mean streets and i was all wrapped up to. an extra measure of chilli in my spaghetti tonight i think. and i do love a magnolia

  3. This is what it looks like when it really gets going. I pass it on my way to the station; it's my regular indicator of Spring - early or late, I can tell.

    Tech issue now sorted. Bad picture file I think *bores even self*

  4. Oh *shiver* Just realised what the date is on that old magnolia post...


  5. Evening Mr H,

    Just in from a quite pleasurable drive up from Nottingham and I would agree there was definitely a hint of spring in the air, even had the window slightly down at one point.

    I did think that it was nearly Jonathan time.

    London Pride, if you're offering.

  6. They've had no cans in the supermarket all week, it's an outrage.

    The window 'slightly down' eh? You TIGER.

  7. Evening all. Daylight when I got home tonight. And for a while afterwards. Very nice.

  8. Here's to the lightening of the days...

  9. Daylight still when I got home, blossoms on the tree, jacket unzipped on the walk home from the station. Spring has sprung.

  10. Speedos and flip flops with a lilac crocus in my hair as I rode the Knaresborough Express tonight.
    Slipped into a dry Martini, then down to the rugby league at Headingley to see the best club in the world*. (*Official)
    3 pints and a Meat n potato pie helped set the scene, along with pre-match entertainment from Tony Christie in his 70th year - resplendant in the horizontal rain sporting an all maroon outfit - incl shoes and cravat. A long way from Amarillo and Las Vegas, but handy for the chip shop.


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