Friday, March 02, 2012

Too Busy Singing To Put Anybody Down

I couldn't let the passing of Manchester's Davy Jones - jockey, Monkee and Ena Sharples' grandson - go unnoted here. All of us 60s and 70s kids grew up chortling at The Monkees TV series - they were part of the fabric of our childhoods.

And Davy was Mrs H's favourite (how fitting).

I'm really glad that whole Evil Fake Group thing has been consigned to the dustbin of lazy music crit history and we can just enjoy The Pop.

With Goffin, King, Diamond, Boyce and Hart penning it, what Pop it was.

We'll miss you Mr Jones.

The Monkees - 'Hard To Believe' (1967)

[a davyh vinyl rip - in Mono]


  1. It did sometimes feel that the BBC would repeat The Monkees in the mornings of every school holiday, didn't it? But that was a good thing - meant there was always something decent to watch.

  2. The Monkees, Batman, Flash Gordon in the mornings during the holidays, the test card girl, Thunderbirds and the sound of the Six Million Dollar Man. These are all tv things that I hold dear.

    This one made me particularly sad this week.

  3. As Bob Stanley tweeted this week - 'Somehow it felt like the Monkees would reform every 10 years forever'.

  4. lovely choice mr h. lovely words. how many of us had our tiny lives thrilled by singing hey hey we're the monkees till we'd driven our poor parents barmy ? well me anyway. with the added signpost of awkwardnesses to come by doing it with a beatles plastic guitar. still can't do that funny walk thing though.

  5. Lovely song that - I didn't know it. Thank you. Lovely fellow too.

    This sad loss knocked the wind from my sails also.

    Time and tide V Youth, energy and looks. S'ppose there's only 1 winner.

    Beyond the obvious tracks, the Monkees did some smashing stuff. Perhaps 'Pleasant Valley Sunday' is my fave today.

    Have a lovely weekend mateys.

  6. Note to Cowell & Co. If you really must manufacture pop acts try to get people with charisma and have talented songwriters compose for them. By the way your list missed the great John Stewart, writer of Daydream Believer.

  7. Even Mr Shuffle got involved this evening (and I can't remember him ever having a penchant for the Pre-Fab Four). Hey Hey We're The Monkees (which is Mickey Dolenz on vocals of course) but it's the thought that counts...

  8. Properly gutted. I'd just been singing the Monkees' theme on Wednesday afternoon too (long story). I blame myself.

    Maybe I could use this unexpected and hiterto unwanted gift for good as well, though. *starts singing the hits of Westlife on a loop*

  9. I still get a thrill during those first musical seconds of 'Hey Hey We're The Monkees'.

    Also, being a complete Brady Bunch loving nerd back in the day...really had it hard for Mr.Jones.


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