Friday, March 30, 2012

The Smiling Hour

Went westlondoning again today - sporting shorts, shades on, dubby stuff on the iPo; lovely.

It felt like July.

It still does.

Alors will be quaffing discounted rosé and tucking into supermarket curry tonight.

Chin chin.

Weekend - 'Weekend Stroll' (1982)

[a davyh vinyl rip].

[westlondoning is an allyism (c) 2012 all rights reserved, terms & conditions apply]


  1. Evening Mr H. My own lamb Rogan Josh tonight washed down by London Pride.

    Not heard that track before Davy, not in much of a hurry to listen again. It is too damn jolly and smiley for it's own good.

  2. Snow forecast for Scotland next week ; )

  3. Oh yes, a spring in the step literally, I've been on the Jackie Mittoo Keyboard King album today - lush stuff...

  4. Snow always forecast for Scotland in April. Still we won't make a drama out of it.

  5. Hardiness. Admirable.

    Love that Jackie Mittoo, Mond.

  6. ooooh hilife lilting just the thing to stretch these rays into another day till just when summer turns back into spring. i'm looking forward to more spring truth be told - i have just the wardrobe for it. nearly. plimsolls will be bought down blackmans tomorrow hopefully. i may even splash for two pairs. i know

  7. Caravan. North east England. Dry but not like July.

  8. Jumpers on and cocoa for tea, Timmy you're awfully wet.

  9. I've had to put my jeans and boots back on.


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