Friday, June 22, 2012


When I volunteered to be a parent governor at the eldest's school eighteen months ago, I couldn't have imagined that some bright spark would one day arrange a 'leadership strategy session' from 3-8pm on a Friday night. I'm sure you'll all agree that in terms of intelligent meeting scheduling, that sure bites the big one.

So....tragically I'll be late for cocktails tonight.


Do start without me, there's some booze in the fridge.

Larry Williams & Johnny Watson - 'Too Late' (1969)


  1. If anyone suggests doing anything at all about learning styles or brain gym, tell them it's all bollocks. Tell them from me.

    I've been standing in the rain at sports day all day and am wondering whether that might justify a little something on the train on the way home.

  2. That's very very bad timing
    Should I write you a note? I used to do my own so am very experienced at it.

    I shall wait..until you're here before I start..I wholeheartedly promise.

    Yes I do

    wv is "readyc"..which we all will be by 8pm

  3. That is why L is on the PTA and I am not. By the time you're home I should hopefully be drunk

  4. i'm going out. i know. again. in chorlton. which is a bit of a worry but i'm assured it'll be nice ( looks to the heavens in wonder...)

  5. Harper Valley PTA boy.
    No peeking at your phone halfway through the School Dinners System Review Charts. No letching at the resplendant Miss Brahms-type. No Reggie Perrin wandering imagination hippo moments. No taking all the chocolate bourbons from the bottom layer of the Family Circle Box. No chuckling at Mr Philpott's leather elbow patches.

    And cheers for the free fridge emptying offer. Happy Hour n all.

    Poor adam - been picking plastic cones up all afty in the rain and tending to little Tristran's twisted ankle. I hope you've instilled in them that it's the winning that matters - not just the taking part?

    Chorlton ally? Mind those Wheelies. Is it still 1957 is those parts?

    Pistaccio anyone?

  6. Chorlton Ally- you're about a mile and a half from me.

    Davy- i got here late and them lot drank all the beer.

  7. SA - solution: meet Ally for a swift half.

    I'm off up the corner shop, depleted supplies here.

  8. Only just got in. Been to funeral in Telford. M6 a nightmare. Blah blah blah.

  9. My Uncle. He was 83 and had motor neurone. Nice funeral. If you can have such a thing

  10. ... far too long!

    Diggin' (out) the All Nighters now!


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