Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Friday...Let's Break Dance

Only kidding.

I might have a Goan fish curry though.

West Street Mob - 'Break Dancin' - Electric Boogie' (1983)


  1. Dang, you had my hopes up. I could go for some B-boying.

    I'll just get back to party prepping for the 60 I am hosting tonight. curry. I might have to invite myself around your way for dinner one of these days.

  2. It's a sad supermarket meal for one Tric, what with Mrs H out at a do tonight, so probs doesn't merit a Pond cross.

    60! Lawdy.

  3. Mrs H being out is an outrage, by the way.

  4. i look forward to the hilarious domestic incidents compulsary for the husband left in charge

  5. Indeed *the part of mr davyh tonight will be played by Robin Nedwell*

  6. i can't wait. when do the swedish hitchhikers get there?

  7. Evening Mr H, Ally. Place is kinda dead tonight, something on?

    Anyway just back from Nottingham followed an impressive thunder storm up over the A66, gforked lightning, the works.

    I'll have a Cuba Libre bar steward if you please.

    What kind of fish in the fish curry? Always kind of wary of generic terms like fish curry or fish fingers apart from the fact that I know that fish don't have fingers.

  8. Waitrose fish.

    Trish was here too Drew; Drew - Trish, Trish - Drew (he seems grumpy but he's a softie really).

  9. Apologies Trish, not usually as rude.

    Punk Britannia really annoyed me tonight. Wasn't a big fan of the Pop Group or Wire, to be honest I thought both were pish. All this headwanking really takes the enjoyment out of music I feel.

    btw - became the proud owner of a mint copy of Love Factory today,

  10. Hello. Is it over? Can I come out from under the stairs?
    Break dancing is a bit like watching England. A headspinningly painful pursuit with no real point.

    Fish curry eh. I bet your kitchen hums a bit like a Hammersmith Hareem now Davide? And is Trish just a Dinner Lady?

    Mrs Dickie's fractured femur is ensuring that my domestic husbandry is being tested to the full. It's only the Irish 1-armed washer-upper that's getting me through. With hilarious consequences.

  11. How was the 99p Soul then davy?
    Review .. pretty please.