Friday, June 08, 2012

Thunderclap Old Man

I know the Laird Of Lanark and I once famously opined otherwise, but today this is my Best Pop Record Ever Made.

*pours very large gin & tonic with big slice of lime*

The Ronettes - 'Walking In The Rain' (1964)


  1. It's lovely yup. My brain got a little confused though, it's The Rhythm Of The Rain that's in Quadrophenia isn't it? The scene where Jimmy takes it off and puts on My Generation? At the party?

    Have a grand weekend. I'm going to be gloomy after a week off week. I get a mood on when Sunday comes, it's double trouble when I've had time off.

  2. I empathise. I hope you find a small thing to make you smile, even come Sunday. Two small things, perhaps.

    It is indeed 'Rhythm Of The Rain' (by The Cascades) that is used in Quadrophenia.

    That's a lovely record too.

    In fact, aren't there lots of lovely records about rain?

    More than there are about sunshine, in my humble.

  3. Good post, cracker of a pic too.

  4. It's a fair cop. (Or an overcast one with a probability of further rain from the west).

    Swift half Gloria. Need to get back to Mrs Dickie who's still laid up. May pop in for last orders if poss.

  5. i still owe you a present of glorious proportions for irma's rain song and oh my this one is just ... oh you know... overwhelmingly ace... and with all that hair too

  6. Irma's rain song, oh yes, oh lawdy x

    Dickie - see Gloria on your way back, there's one in for yer.

  7. Bless you davide. Harrington soaked through.
    To coin a moist pop phrase or two ..
    It's rainin', I'm cryin', I'm sinkin', I'm dyin'.
    Wish I was walkin' hand in hand in the rain with the one I love listenin' to the rythmn of it falling and the laughter bringin' back sweet memories. And please share my umbrella.. ella, ella.

    Wee chaser Gloria luv, and a lipstick kiss on the wet cheek.

  8. You keep your wet bits away from me and you with a laid up Mrs and all

  9. You're such a tease. Have one yerself. And turn that there 'Punk Britannia' up a bit more, girl. We're ALL 16 again!

  10. Make up yer mind.

    'Walking In The Rain With The One I Love' by Love Unlimited is another good 'un. Complete with excellent telephone spoken word bit from Barry White.

  11. Yesterday that was the perfect song, well that or Umbrella. Today very overcast much like my mood this morning.


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