Friday, June 01, 2012

The Smiling Hour

Maria Bethânia, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa

A tad louche too, these legendary Tropicalians lolling about in early 70s Brazil...what music, what music: from that olde compilation that goes on giving, and tracks that rip from vinyl sounding still so good.

Sonho meu, sonho meu
Vai buscar que mora longe, sonho meu

I've already cracked a cold San Miguel from the fridge.

It seemed rude not to, Ma'am.

Maria Bethânia & Gal Costa - 'Sonhu Meu' (1978)


  1. Need to keep the drink to a minimum this evening got a day of re-familiariasation with two wheels to do tomorrow. It has been over ten years since I was last on a scooter and I was considerably lighter!

    Have a good one

  2. Can't stop. Oh alright a G&T Gloria.
    Blue arsed fly I am. Mrs Dickie has broken her femur. 'Orrible and no mistake. Poor love. Just out of hossie this week, so I am the caring sharing/ dr/ nurse/ chef/ bottle washer and laundry man. Didn't even get an hour to meet the loverley davy h for a beer in Leeds this week. Bah!

    *Bangs glass on bar.
    Righto. That's me. See you all sooon.
    Happy Jubilee and all that bollocks.

    Love Dickie

  3. Nice to see you DVD even if it was brief. Hope the Missus is alright. Which scooter did you get Drew?

  4. Bought the new LML 4-stroke PX. Decided I didn't want to spend half my time looking at the engine on the garage floor. Should get it next Wednesday. This bloody bank holiday is getting in the way of serious stuff.

  5. Well I just mowed our lawn and now I'm going to have a cup of tea.

    What an exciting life I lead.

  6. Cider - it's a cider evening, I think, for me. Zoo tomorrow :) All the best DVD to you and yours.

  7. Hi all - am back for last orders. Don't know about you Gloria, but I fancy a stiff one.
    Poor wifey laid up for weeks. Broken hip screwed back together. Morphine a-gogo. (Take note drew, on that bloody scooter of yours!)
    Thanks adam and swiss adam - xx. Lee will be supporting Her Maj by wearing a Ginger Spice-type union jack dress as he prunes his american bush. Davy is still in shock on learning that Yorkshire sells veggie quiche and fish without chips.
    Now, where's that brandy?...

  8. Sweet track! Love these vinyl rips. Thanks.

  9. You are most welcome P - now encoding at 320 kbps, rip fans.

    Dickie: wild mushrooms and feta on filo pastry, since you mention it

  10. jesus dave your killing me over here with this good stuff. that photo...i'd say it was a long night with that crowd. have read a bit about those times in brazil in the 70s and it strikes me it's like a west of ireland version of the hippy ideal with grass instead of guinness. and better looking womens. and sun. militray juntas instead of church dictatorship. but everyone still had a good time. or somefink.

  11. I'm reading you anto, I'm reading you


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