Thursday, January 31, 2013

'Dream Sequence' - Pauline Murray (Peel Session 31.03.80)

And entirely by accident we've wound up with a trilogy of Peel-connected posts from the 80-83 era.

This shuffled at me minutes ago as I trolled back from the shops, Robert Blamire's big post-punk bass just the ticket for a cold meh squally day.

I prefer this stripped-down version to the one on the album.

Pauline Murray - 'Dream Sequence (Peel session)' (1980)

For Lee.


  1. this popped out of the machine round here too and sparked a grubby rummage round my empty noggin for the records that were played at the preston warehouse of my youth. years of them and i could just about cobble together half an hour or so. the facebook masses chipped in and we managed about an hours worth. i've been cobbling together a bunch of them for round the corner soon

  2. Can't wait. 'Round the corner' - that's lovely.

    And three more from Grubby Rummage later, I shouldn't wonder.


  3. Cheers, cock!

    As you know my feeling about Pauline are about the same as yours for Alison Statton.

    The bit where she sings "they stared at my naked body" still makes me blush.