Saturday, January 19, 2013

Young Marble Giants - Peel Session (26.08.80)

Pleased to have uncovered this, taped from the broadcast itself, with snippets of Peel back-announcing some of the songs.

The version of 'Posed By Models' is especially fine.

Thanks to @keepingitpeel for Tweeting a link to the upload on YouTube and bringing it all back in the first place.

Young Marble Giants - 'Searching For Mr. Right' (Peel session) (1980)
Young Marble Giants - 'Posed By Models' (Peel session) (1980)
Young Marble Giants - 'Brand New Life' (Peel session) (1980)
Young Marble Giants - 'Final Day' (Peel session) (1980)
Young Marble Giants - 'N.I.T.A' (Peel session) (1980)


  1. 'Dale (Griffin - producer) insisted the mono cassette recording of our drum machine had to be alchemised into stereo. This involved sending two dustcoated BBC techies into the bowels of the Maida Vale Studios to return, ages later, clutching some sort of signal splitter gizmo, covered in dust, and looking like something from Frankenstein's laboratory. But the drum machine in stereo is to die for!' - Stuart Moxham (from The Peel Sessions by Ken Garner)

  2. It's thanks to whoever first mentioned the band in a post (forgot who it was now)that made me search it out.
    And what a great forgotten gem rediscovered again.

  3. Aye. And thanks to the original taper, too.

  4. that moxham is supporting the monochrome set in preston in a month or so. i shall be breaking my never go to reunions rule.

  5. Quite rightly. And YMGs are at Dingwalls on Feb 10th...

  6. Ooh these are great.... thanks! YMG's music has aged well for me; I like it more than ever these days.

  7. I'm still waiting for Weekend to reform!


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