Friday, January 04, 2013

Friday Reggae # 37

Crikey, I don't think that first Guinness even touched the sides.

If you want me, I'll be in the dub.

Culture - 'Not Ashamed Dub' (1977)


  1. oh he's on form tonight boys and girls... and the records not bad neither.

  2. i shall be lurking by the stage door

  3. Now that is a tune.

    I'm celebrating getting my iPod Touch up and running again after being told by folks from Apple support that it was gubbed(what do they know) with a Jeremiah Weed Root Brew which will not become a replacement for Guinness but is not too bad. I will be on the Vina Sol directly.

    Still contemplating putting myself through the rest of January "aff it" but have a hellish month ahead and reckon that that would tip me over the edge.

    Have a good one Mr H.

  4. Just got back from some pm city centre drinking and walk into 2 7s clash. Perfect.

  5. Just poured myself a rather large coffee. I seem to have become teetotal somewhere over the past two years. Sort of. Managed a large glass of red wine on New Years Eve. Time to dig out my copy of this I think.

  6. Regular visitors to the blog will be sad to know that DVD's missus is very seriously ill.

    If you'd like to drop him a line you can -

    We all wish you and Mrs H well Tony x

  7. I've decided not to do a Friday blogpost this week out of respect to DVD and his family. We all continue to think of you T x


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