Saturday, April 06, 2013

Soul Saturday

Drew sent me off on a search for more Gloria (Ann) Taylor when he posted 'Love Is A Hurting Thing', a brilliant, brilliant tune from an EP I learn is infamously rare and hugely desired by the hipsters.

I found this, which could almost be a Martha & Vandellas single (it's good enough) were it not for a quality in the production (that psych guitar!) that sends it ever so slightly off-kilter in the best of all possible ways.

Gloria Taylor - 'Total Disaster' (1971)

A vinyl rip! (though sadly not mine).


  1. 45 quid mint-.

    She has a great sceamer of a voice.

  2. I'm glad to see the G(A)T fan club is growing.

  3. ooooh love is a hurtin thing is one of my faves but i only know the maxine and chuck versh. slightly off kilter is the very bestest genre

  4. New to me but a great find... cheers

  5. Did that thing. You know, played the chune; thought "Hello! Is that as good as I think?" Played it again; thought "Hmmm, think so but it's not quite right is it?" Played it a third time; thought "That's winkling its way into my head." By the fourth play I was loving it!

    As you say, not quite perfect but tremendous nonetheless!

    Shame I forgot to download it...


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