Monday, April 29, 2013

Manhattan Project

I'm off to sell more snake oil in New York City tomorrow dear hearts. It'll be a whistle stop visit - in and work the schtick and out again - no opps for late night gigs or partays. I might get to wander about town for an hour or so tomorrow p.m, all dazed and out of time. And the views are quite nice and the Brooklyn Brewery's range is growing on me.

Back Friday morning via the red-eye. Bleary and teary.

Will Tweet!

Hey. Whaddyagonnado.

Simon & Garfunkel - 'The Only Living Boy In New York' (1970)


  1. Cooool. have a good time Davy.

  2. Nice to know that the 'soft skills pish' translates over there.

    Will have one in the barrel on Friday for you. Safe trip, my good man. ('Hey, I just love that Limey accent')

  3. DVD - you know those yanks love a mockney accent.

    I will be listening to much the same, only in Luton and will be marked down as my plant which i was to nurture failed to do the necessary.

    bring me back some jerky and Peppermint Patties, Mr H.

  4. Many of the plants I was to nurture have also failed to do the necessary. You should see my mesembryanthemum.

  5. PS: Mockney? You tart!

    The schtick works globally Dickie, oh yes.

  6. Ah yes. Beautiful park. Shopping Malls. Questionable beer. Superb cosmopolitan unitary authority. Underachieving football team. Internationally reknown airport. Cascading urban waterfall of resplendent Irish and a colourful rainbow of industrious immigrants. Home to milliners with extremist social and religious viewpoints.

    Luton. So shit they named it .. just the once.

  7. Speaking of plants..
    My wife's cactuses kept on dying and she didn't know why.
    One day I asked her if she did talk to them.
    Yes, I tried that too, she answered.
    Oh well, I replied, maybe it's bad breath..

  8. Thanks, he's here all week.


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