Monday, July 02, 2007

"Hi, I'm Plenty"

But of coursh you are.

Did you catch this at Glastonbury? Marvellous. Works especially well in a Sheffield accent I feel...

Arctic Monkeys - 'Diamonds Are Forever' (live at Glastonbury) (2007)

And it's been too long since I posted something by His Holiness Our Lord Sir John Barry (All Give Praise), so here's our Shirl too.

Shirley Bassey - 'Diamonds Are Forever' (1971)

Sequinned wellies!

[You had better download the Monkeys at once because it will self-destruct in exactly one week. The Shirl is from this which there is no excuse whatsoever for you not owning; you might also consider this. Amazing fact! Plenty O'Toole was played by Lana Wood, Natalie's sister! Here's her website. What a shame you could not stay for dinner Mr. Bond].
PS: I've just realised that this is my hundredth post. I was going to make a big song and dance about that when it happened, but here it is happening without me noticing. Which is as it should be really, isn't it?


  1. You always treat us. Landmark posts are where you get to treat yourself! That's the way I look at it, anyway. Hurrah and happy century.

  2. Cheers Crash. Maybe I'll have a party for the 150th post if I'm spared. Pineapple and cheddar chunks on cocktail sticks and Kia Oras all round.

  3. my dad got shouted at by shirl for saying 'hello shirley' - 'it's miss bassey to you' she snapped.
    i should think so too.
    and haven't you done well my dear.

  4. Hi Davy H
    Great blog
    Have you checked out Candidate?
    So up your street especially Oxengate coool dude!!!!

  5. Hello Azarat. I hadn't heard of Candidate, no, but thanks to you I have just found their MySpace and am delighted to read that they

    "forage for fragments of old folk songs in British hedgerows, and shove them into cleft sticks driven deep into mud effigies of John Cale. Sometimes they fasten broken Hollies albums to the side of Harry Nilsson with chewing gum stolen from Spacemen 3. Sometimes they just sit and watch bees"

    I like them instantly! Will track some music down, thank you kindly.

    Ally - Gulp. I've called her 'Shirl'....!

  6. Nice one Davy. Great post. Great Song. Can I have some twiglets please?

  7. Happy 100th post. By way of celebration I have joined your More Reggae In The Blogosphere campaign.

  8. TV - the twiglets are all yours but you may have to fight me for the cheesy footballs.

    Mick - with some style, if I may say so.

  9. Happy 100th Davy! Thank you for all your comments on my little blog,, and don't forget that yours is top.
    My dad loved Shirley Bassey and James Bond films in general: he had the whole lot on video, all painstakingly taped from the TV. Oh, Tizer and fried egg sandwiches at the party for me, please.

  10. Natalie Wood's sister, thanks.


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