Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Reggae # 1 - Jamaican Rain

Latta people tellin' me reggae's a sunny music...

And since all it has done in the UK this week is piss down with rain, and many people are flooded out of their homes, how can sunny reggae be right?

Well you know what? They get a LOT of rain in Jamaica. Hurricanes too.

And here are some songs to prove it...

Bob Marley & The Wailers - 'Misty Morning' (1978)
Bob Marley & The Wailers - 'Kaya' (1971)
Bruce Ruffin - 'Rain' (1971)


[Oh yes, that's the original version of 'Kaya' produced by Lee 'Scratch' Perry and available on this. The 1978 album of the same name, with a re-recorded version of the title track and the lovely 'Misty Morning', is a cracker though - maybe my favourite Bob LP - and available here. The Bruce Ruffin (a Jose Feliciano song given the pop-reggae treatment) is from this - but on lots of other compilations besides.]

This has been a More Reggae In The Blogosphere (c) posting 2007. Stay dry this weekend. Thanks to Darcy for joining the campaign x


  1. Generally I don't like Reggae at all, but give me small doses of the best stuff chosen by someone who knows the genre and I love it.

    I remember a Mojo compilation from about four or five years ago that I loved.

  2. two of my favorite bob songs. kaya is definitely his best record, imho

  3. So there ya go Matthew - go buy 'Kaya'. And maybe 'Catch A Fire' too, Bob's first on Island.

    Brent: I bet the Sun Is Shining And The Weather Is Sweet in San Diego. I think we're settling in for a rainin' all night and most of tomorrow thing here, so the post music is kickin' in nicely....

  4. I do like reggae, but am no authority on it. TRhanks for posting these!


  5. Hey music lover: Re your 21 songs... where can *that particular* mix of the Coldcut version of Autumn Leaves be had? Is there any chance you might email an MP3???? Cheeky, yes I know. But there was a version one afternoon accompanying a tele documentary on Audrey Hepburn. I've tried to track it down and even emailed the producers of the show but I'll never know who it's by. If you could send me an MP3 it narrows down my enquiry. Sorry to blurt this out as I am a stranger, after all. I ended up at your blog trying to find the lyrics to a song on a free 'Word' Cd. Cheers! Or not, as the case may be....

  6. Choca latta calling (Ha!ha!).

    You're right of course about the rain and reggae not being mutually exclusive, and that "Misty Morning" is a cracker.

  7. Glad your liking the Bob chaps.

    Plymouth Rock - Coldcut on an Audrey Hepburn biopic?? Well I suppose stranger things have been known. Because you asked so nicely and you have an honest face I've uploaded the track for you at

    Even if it's not the right one I hope you'll like it (it's a chilly chill out classic and quite rare - will probably post it on the site properly come 'Fall'...).

    BTW what was the 'Word' CD song whose lyrics you were after??


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