Friday, September 26, 2008

Confidence Is A Preference

But it's a mighty long way down rock and roll from Quadrophenia to Blur to Eastenders to Strictly Come Bloody Dancing, innit Phil?

Still, keep an eye on these guys - I reckon they could make it big.

The High Numbers - 'I'm The Face' (1964)
The High Numbers - 'Zoot Suit' (1964)

Nice curtains!


  1. Now you're talking my language. Classic

  2. SIGH. Always in the dark...

  3. I actually watched Phil Daniels on Strictly. I'm not sure who looked more uncomfortable: him or the girl he was dancing with. It was like watching an after hours party at a mortuary...

    Meanwhile, doesn't Pete look good in that picture!?!?

  4. He looks the business doesn't he? And so young....

  5. This is young George looks about 12 - great tunes btw - but the Small Faces always had the edge for me..

    Having said that have you seen The Who live at the Albert Hall DVD- devastating

  6. That wallpaper'd go nice with Pete's curtains...

    George actually would have been about 15 in that! "Guitar groups are on their way out" I think you'll find.

  7. That live at the albert hall thing is bloody great.

    Phil Daniels was ten times, a hundred times, the strictly come dancer that gary rhodes was. Fact.
    (the girls like it, what can you do?)

  8. We're an X Factor house I'm afraid.

  9. I can only watch so much of both, and then I, er, end up leaving comments on me 'oppos' blogs!

  10. My family is from the same part of London as The 'Oo and my mod Uncle Peter used to follow them around the pubs of Shepherd's Bush. He claims to have been present the first time Townsend smashed up his guitar, the neck of it broke off in the low pub ceiling apparently and Pete went nuts.

    He also said they were banned from every boozer they played because they always caused a riot.

  11. Happy days! Makes me think of this though.


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