Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Had To Let You Know

Over a civilised Guinness or few last night at the pub by the river we fell to discussing this man and his lovely music and how, I'm afraid to say, I had only just discovered this song.

Though if you asked me whether I would swap all the years I could have known it for the thrill of hearing it this week for the first time, like a new record, it would be a close-run thing.

Come on time
Do your magic trick

Grant McLennan - 'The Dark Side Of Town' (1992) [buy]


  1. May I be the first to thank you for this lovely peach.

    New to me too lad.

    If alone, stay on the bright side.

  2. Have you heard Grant's debut solo album Watershed, Davy? If not you seriously need to buy it, as it's blooming marvellous. Right up there with the best of the gobby twins.

  3. I haven't Kips, and must put this right, clearly.

  4. That's the spirit. It's a thing of beauty, fo sho.

    Sorry, forgot I come from the home counties there, for a sec.

  5. I've answered your call for more reggae...

  6. Much of Grant McLennan's solo work is on a par with the wonderful music he recorded with the Go-Betweens. All four of his solo albums have their transcendent moments, and songs such as "In Your Bright Ray", "Fingers", and "Easy Come, Easy Go" sit quite comfortably alongside "Cattle and Cane" and "Bye-Bye Pride". The guy was brillaint in any form...

  7. I know some, but by no means all, of his solo stuff Robert - must investigate further!


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