Saturday, September 27, 2008

Into The Light

On weekend nights when we fire up the phonogram and uncork the vino it is often that I turn to Mrs H and say, tenderly, 'Whadja want on the jukebox then?' and often that she lodges a nostalgic request for this, her Getting Ready For Going Out On Saturday Night track from Uni days.

I whack it on again, and smile a big smile at its arch romanticism, its spirited pastiche, its sparkly metropolitan.....pizazz!

Boy, I love it.

Waiter! Bring cocktails now!

Joe Jackson - 'Steppin' Out' (1982)


  1. So very sparkly; I always loved this track, it's almost cheesy, but the melancholy mood lifts it above that.

  2. "Mrs H. She's gorrr-geous"

    And there'll be no mischievous "Is she really goin' out with him?' aside from me Davy.

  3. I should bloody well think not. But it's a fair point. Must go walk Freeway now.

  4. Great song. A similar undercurrent of melancholy runs thru J. Lennon's "I'm Steppin' Out". There's a live version (of the Joe Jackson) at half the tempo. Heard it once on the radio. Must track that down again.

  5. 'Look Sharp' was a great album. Got it for two thirty-nine. 'Sunday Papers' is a classic.

  6. I did like his 'playing at Gershwin' period though. That Lennon track popped up on my iTunes after this Emmett. Nicely.