Thursday, September 11, 2008


OK lovely people, I need your expertise. This hypnotic bluesy doo-woppy thing has sat on the same infernal Peel show tape that Ray Martell and this (and a copy of Arthur Alexander) are on for that same 26 years and I'm mad keen to know what it is.

I'm pretty sure it's from a programme broadcast on October 20th 1982 because my tape also has songs from reggae toasters Laurel And Hardy's Peel Session, which aired that night.

I have tried Googling the lyrics and I have tried that there young person's tune-identifying text service Shazam, both to no avail.

And so I throw it before you, the great and wonderful and complex and all-knowing collective.

Name that artist/tune! (er...even a few informed guesses would be nice...).

Unknown Artist - 'Even Though You Are Gone' (?) (unknown year)

PS: It does liderally fade in slowly.


  1. I can't help you I'm afraid. I'm sure I know the voice but I can't place it.

    Great song.

  2. It is - and one that tends to lodge in the brain. Unfortunately it's been lodged - namelessly - in mine for a quarter of a century. Curses!

  3. Anything that fades in slowly is alright by me.

    when are we goi,ng to get some Bow Wow Wow then?

  4. Mystery song downloaded twenty times so far! Pass it round! Send it to your noodly nerdy muso mates! Let's crack this mother!!!

  5. I'm the nerdiest muso I know but I haven't got a clue. Good luck with this one.

  6. Hmmm... sorta know the voice and the tune sounds like 'One Night'.

    Have you checked All Music Guide for variations on the title - or youtube for one of the records playing type vid's?

  7. Yikes! You get some pretty mawkish stuff if you put 'Even though you are gone' in the search box at YouTube I can tell ya.

    *sigh* I am getting a sinking feeling about this one.

    Why didn't I just write the track details down back then? Why did I cut out Peelie talking in the first place? And why am I bothered about this all these years later?


  8. It's very reminiscent of Fat's Domino's 'Walking To New Orleans'...but other than that, I got nuthin'.

    I like this as a regular feature, however!

  9. I just thought - 'Hey! Maybe it's Fats!' but I don't think it is, is it?

  10. Are you completely sure it's a black voice? There's bits in there where it sounds a bit Elvis vocally. Perhaps looking in the direction of 'blues' might not be right...perhaps 'country blues' might be closer.....

  11. The Laurel and Hardy session was tramsmitted on November 4th 1982.

    A bit of displacement-activity online looking around produces mention of a track called "Love That Used To Be" by one Freddy V. & Playmates, but who knows.

  12. GENIUS.

    I sincerely had begun to believe we would never identify this track but Mark, you have done it surely; thank you so much and please, what can I get you from the bar?

    Now I need to track an mp3 down...

  13. Oh yes and thanks for the correction on the transmission date - I read the recording date by mistake. Incidentally, and I know I'm really pushing my luck on this one, if anyone has the L&H Peel Session....

    (and no, they don't do 'On The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine'...Sadly).

  14. I've got that one, as it happens; YHM.

    Rereading, sorry about the rather surly-sounding opening post from a long-time lurker! Hope I've identified the track, but ICWBW, and given the lack of info on the internetty thing about the band, We May Never Know.

  15. This Is True, and yet - I know this isn't very scientific - the title and artist feel right, and the obscurity would explain why I couldn't track it in the tried and tested ways.

    Well done on making the move from lurking to commenting there Mark - I did not take your opener as surly, and even if I had, you would more than have redeemed yourself with these lavish gifts.

    You Da Man!

  16. Sorry to be a party pooper but I think Freddy V & Playmates maybe a red herring. I can only find them featured on a Country music station, and also with another track on the Ozark label which is again Country music.

    Jon is right - it also reminds me of Fats' Walking To New Orleans, but I don't think it's Fats.

  17. This is a job for Red Kelly's (The Soul Detective) Burning Questions. I will email him a link to this (or of course you can) when I'm a bit more awake.

  18. Sheesh...maybe the song's right but the artist isn't? To be continued....