Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Please Please Me

Well you can say what you like about Dr Winston O'Boogie but he knew a good record when he heard one.

Arthur Alexander - 'Anna (Go To Him)' (1962)


  1. Thanks for another classic. Where do you find all these gems?

  2. Never heard this version before. Nice.

  3. This is so weird, Davy. This song has been in my head for weeks (the Beatles version), up to and including this morning. And I have no idea why.

    Did the love-triangle lyrical content and the musical melodramatics of the bridge inspire This Boy (Ringo's Theme)? Discuss.

  4. Psychic waves across the ocean again Emmett, clearly. I can hear echoes of this in 'This Boy' now you mention it; along with a good dollop o'doo-wop.

  5. i suppose he had to have some redeeming qualities somewhere. i'm writing this with clenched teeth.


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