Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Glass Of Sherry And A Minced Pie

"Dahhhlings, Merry Christmas! How lovely to see you, we're soooo glad you could pop in! Let me take your coats! Have you finished your shopping at last? Marvellous! You all know Clarissa I think? Clarissa, the chaps, the chaps, Clarissa. Doesn't she look marvellous in that little Santa thing chaps? Marvellous! Now then, what can I get you? Sherry and a pie? Vol au vent Dickie? Clarissa darling, be a love and help and him out of that, he's working up a sweat. What me? This old thing? Oh, just something I slung on five minutes ago sweetie, you are a poppet. Everyone! Everyone!! Shall we raise a glass? To the most wonderful shower of blogging and commenting chums ever: may we have the most splendid Christmas and a marvellous New Year and blog bless us everyone!!!"

Judy Garland - 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' (1944)

(I like old Christmas songs best. Dx)


  1. Blimey. That's the earliest I've seen you post! Sherry at this time of the morning!!!

    Happy Christmas to you and yours! Thanks for everything over this past year.

    See ya on the other side!!

  2. All the best to you and yours, hope the girls have a great christmas.
    Thanks for all the great posts over the past year.

  3. Hey, Merry Christmas to you two as well...and Happy New Year Of The New Babies to both!!! x

  4. Ah like the old ones best of all as well Davy. We can agree on that right enough. Have a great festive time and ah hope Hogmanay rocks yr world... x

  5. PS, might you put up a 'real' profile picture of 'you' next year though? That's all ah I want for Christmas. Weep!


    Wot ho Mr H. A firm handshake indeed old chap.

    Clarissa - oh I say. Mistletoe. Mwoa mwoa. Fragrant dear. Resplendant cleavage.

    Lovely nuts Simon.

    Pulled a cracker yet sweet ally? Stockings down. Snort.

    Is that Port over there by the gun dog?

    My, Tarquin, how you've grown. How's the Hedge Fund? And how's that Ferry boy Otis getting along in prison this Christmas? Fortnums Hamper I trust? Tally Ho.

    Speaking of which, do pass the Devils on Horseback Adam.

    jc not arrived yet? He'd be late for his own birthday. Kippers - I say squire, put that maid down. Bring me another Houseboy, this one's split. Nice cravat Drew.

    jc not arrived yet? He'd be late for his own birthday. Don't fiddle with Colin's sporran A Tart.
    Kippers - I say squire, put that maid down. Bring me another Houseboy, this one's split. Nice cravat Drew.

    Put another 78 on the stereogram Planet Mondo.

    Emmett has slipped up the back passage with Miss P for a spot of croquet on the rolling lawn.

    Ooh you are awful, but I like you .. Marmiteboy.

    ib .. Be a love and Pass LondonLee a jellied eel to dip in his Fullers.

    Ed, is that your ex Mick in a rather fetching feather boa and lilac leotard?

    Seasons salutations to one and all. (Wives, aging parents and little ones).

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas time.

    I love you all!

  7. Apologies re. Sir Dickie - been at the sauce. Not been the same since the incident with the verger in the back passage. Chin chin.

    Colin - ah'll pit up a real picture o' me if you pit up a real picture o' yooz x

  8. All the best DVD, have you had a pint of sherry already? Steady on old boy it's only the 24th. I would like to join JC in the request for you to start up your own blog next year.

  9. Have yourself a cracking little tear-up this Christmas Davey - have you and your two tots checked this yet Norad tracks Santa ?

    A live tracker and manned phone line - where you can contact a live operator in the US for an ETA of the big fellas arrival in your two go nuts for it..

  10. bona lavs to you all duckies bona festive lavs at that. you be good now

  11. MMMMwwwah! I have been listening to that song on and off for the last few days too, of course. I've also just restocked with the old Wasabis, you'll be pleased to hear. I also have A Good Otis Ferry Story which I've been holding onto for quite a while now waiting for the moment but I think it's probably one for the new year, however much it would thrill me to kick the old dog whilst he was down.
    A verry happy christmas to you and yours, Davy, decking the halls and god resting your merries and all.

  12. MWAH! MWAH! and, indeed, MWAH! Mond - nice to see the US military establishment doing something useful for once x

  13. Just taking a respite from the great Christmas bake off. Wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas

    Peter & family

    (How bizarre is that the word verification is "allydip", is this a new bonar phrase , Ally?

  14. Hey Peewit, all the very best to you and your brood too. Christmas bake-off eh? Homely wafts reaching me already...

  15. Merry Christmas Mr H and everyone. Heart warming stuff and we haven't even opened the ginger wine yet.

  16. Yay! Hugs to you, H. and Los Piccolos Beth x

  17. Merry Xmas Davy, and a Happy New Year to you and yours. No sherry for me, but that bottle of ginger beer looks tempting (you can't get it out here). x

  18. Blog bless, to you too Mr. H and to all the assembled. A fine blot we be, yes?


  19. Thanks for all your blogging over the last year. Meli kliseumaseu jal ji naego saehae pog manhi pateuseyo.

    Did you know that Oliver Cromwell introduced a law prohibiting the eating of mince pies at Christmas which has never been repealed?

  20. Sorry I’m (fashionably?) late. Any chance I could crash out here? I’ve already had a skinful and you know how hard it is to get a cab on Christmas Eve and I really didn’t mean to make a lewd remark to Clarissa, it was the beer talking and…I’ll get me coat. Merry Christmas to you and your girlies and I hope my behaviour doesn’t mean I don’t get invited next time…

  21. Michael, the pouffe in the vestibule is all yours.

    Adam - Oliver Cromwell? A gloomy indie fan if ever I met one, not a disco bone in his body. Enjoy your Turkey! (sorry...) x

  22. PS: Jon - I think we get Santa first so I'll put in a good word for you since I understand that this year you've been Very Good Indeed. Gear!

  23. Why you homophobic ba...oh, pouffe...sorry, I misread that.


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