Sunday, December 28, 2008

Late Stocking Filler

No-one tells you when you buy the Bon Iver album on CD that the best song on it isn't on it. As it were.

So here it is, the 'download-only' bonus - all frost-bitten and rueful.

Hey! Hope Santa didn't bring you any Zavvi vouchers!

Bon Iver - 'Wisconsin' (2008)


  1. That's a cheeky little one smuggled in under the marzipan davy lad. The semi-comatosed of us may spot it, en route to the past its sell by date leftovers.

    This fellow does have a flair for the 'atmospheric'. This is that chilly, I nearly lost my extremities.

    Zavvi was always a shit name anyway.

    And thanks for showing a pic of my liver surface.

    Speaking of which, I'm bound for a Bacardi and Coke. (Bon Iver is an anagram of Ron Bevi). See what I did there?

    I promise I'll buck up.

  2. iTunes vouchers actually this year, Dave. Aren't the Aged Ps getting 'with it' these days! This may have to be the first album download (ooh er). Even over the chatter of the aforementioned assembled this sounds rather wonderful. Album of the season?

    A late Happy Crimbo wish to you and yours. Hope it was simply marvellous.

    Mx with love

  3. Thanks chaps. Quality Street and Cheesy Football stocks here are a tad depleted and the post-Christmas pile of bottles and beer cans removed by the recycling collectors this morning was the wonder of our road, but I wish you continued festive cheer. And to think we still have the traditional night-in-the shed for New Year's Eve to come!

    Word verif = kerore: like an uproar but less, er, uproarious?

  4. Feel sorry for the staff but Zavvi was one of the worst names i've ever heard and for that alone they deserved to go to the wall but trying to charge sixteen quid for the last Fall album was taking the piss.
    DVD are you still on the lash? I think that i may abstain from now til Hogmanay (only 2 days but shows discipline).
    This Bon Iver is really growing on me.

  5. Thanks for asking Drew.
    Hostess offered me a 'Slippery Nipple' last night. (Sambuca & Baileys evidently). Half a dozen slammers of those blighters on top of 4 pints of Rosey Nosey beer and lashings of Shiraz is - should you ever require it - the perfect recipe for an early morning rendevouz avec le toilet.

    I awoke cuddling the Armitage Shanks and had to pull the larger chunder chunks from a pink candlewick bathmat.

    I too may abstain until Hogmanay; apart from a couple of lager liver liveners tonight.

    ..Word verification is CALOU - An alcohol-free beer made from Carabou piss and pressed quince.

  6. I don't think anything in the world can add to the maestro's comments here but I have to post because the word verification is 'scrotte'. I will try rather hard to get around to this Bon Iver business very soon.

  7. DVD - they call it a 'buttery nipple' over here--NOT concerned with the waistline.

    Bon Iver...jury's still taking time. Could get Coldplay-ey, I fear.

    Word verf: jawlin...cuz ain't we all?

  8. Zavvi vouchers ? Is that shares ?

    I like it.

    A belated Note of Christmas cheer, Davy. Happy Christmas.

  9. Cheers ib, you too.

    PS: Jon - mind your language.


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