Friday, December 05, 2008

The Terry Wogan Eurovision Memorial Post

Eurovision in our viewing schedule RIP - if Terry ain't doin' it, I ain't watchin' it.

Let those pesky Slovakians have it!


  1. I'm going to miss Terry's comments. The past few years have pretty funny, with all that Eastern Bloc stuff going on. He just sounded more and more disgusted with it all, with some of his comments verging on declaring war on some of the countries. Only occasionally lifted when the performer was a babe of some description...

  2. I think we'll all miss him.

    I see, meanwhile, that the BBC have given his job to Graham Norton. Amazing piece of lateral thinking, there. *yawn* (But then I suppose they have to justify that massive salary of his somehow.)

    Anyway, bah!

  3. Mmmm. Probably a Graham Norton / Andrew Lloyd Webber bell-end and balloon knot cleaning connection too - as yer man with the inside out face is doing our next Eurovision song.

    It's car crash TV, but you can't help taking a peek.

    Will the Western European folk ever win it again? Not sure that we actually want to - or give a tinker's cuss ... but we do like fair play; anything else is just not cricket.

    Ultimately, as I always say, if in doubt, give the prize to the girl with the biggest tits.

  4. Or Malta. Gawd bless Malta (GC).

  5. Shame. Terry's air of rather bewildered detachment was perfect, I always thought. I've a horrible feeling that Graham Norton will try too hard.

    Sadly belated Top Tip: I used to put the subtitles on. You'd get the lyrics in all their glory, and also the subtitler's attempts to keep up with Terry's flights of fancy.

    [Captcha: "Cymonie", who famously reached the coveted 17th place for Bosnia-Herzegovnia in 2003 with "My Heart Belongs To The World".]

  6. I'm stuck with bloody BBC Prime and they took Eurovision off a few years ago, the bastards.

    I did see wogan on kids show Balamory last week though, which was nice.


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