Friday, May 22, 2009

Bronx Holiday Weekend

So, in the end Dean and I kind of lost touch; maybe it was his constant touring, maybe it was my insouciance. Still, I have no regrets. I look back on our time together fondly, but I accept I must now move on. Only occasionally I hear his songs on the radio and feel a tinge of sadness at what could have been.

Feckit. Let's rap! (old school stylee).

The snippet of the NYC street trader at the start of this ("Look at the bargains over here ladies") is also at the start of 'If I Was Your Girlfriend' by Prince. Do I get a prize?

Spyder D - 'Big Apple Rappin' (12") (1980)


  1. Never heard this before Davy, but i do like it.

    There is nothing quite like a bank holiday weekend. Took M to the Museum of Transport in Glasgow today, then we went to see the skaters in the park as the weather is glorious. Finished off with a visit to Fopp, new Jarvis and Wave pictures albums purchased. Nearly perfect day . . . wait, long cold G&T in hand now it is perfect.
    Have a good weekend

  2. Kids, museums, skaters, sunshine, Fopp and Gin? Crackin' stuff Drew, just crackin'. You too.

  3. By crikey that's good. All 10 minutes 20 seconds of it. Thanks matey!

  4. You're welcome Kips. I loves all that early NYC hip-hop stuff, me.

  5. Ich auch! I see he mentions Gary Byrd in that song BTW. Which makes me wish I'd not got shot of my 12" copy of The Crown years ago, as I've got me a hankering to hear that again now too! Don't suppose you've got it knocking around anywhere have you Mr H?

  6. Oh what, this old thing...?

    *blows a classic Friday night post he had lined up since-long-time, but does not really mind since it is Kips* x

  7. Fan-bloody-tastic - thanks! I owe you one :)

    *sashays round the room to the sound of the G.B. Experience*


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