Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Trivial Pursuits

Four days of rather aimless noodling otherwise known as leisure, in which...

We see an unusual goose on the river Thames.

A 'cocktail expert' in The Guardian confirms Drew's assertion that the perfect gin and tonic probably involves Tanqueray gin.

I am disappointed to discover that the new Ray's Jazz, a distressingly antiseptic 'concession' in the horrible Foyles bookshop, has only about five boxes of second hand LPs compared to the old real shop's entire store full.

The soundtrack to The Deep I ordered on vinyl turns out to contain the worst 'disco' song I have ever heard right in the middle of an otherwise lovely side 2.

I learn I am so old and decrepit that if I do four hours of routine weeding, tidying and lawn mowing I will ache like I have run a marathon.

It turns out I needed a large, not extra large, Stax t-shirt from 8Ball.

Getting up to 30 people to write your blog posts for you while you're away proves a bloody brilliant idea.

It's clear you can take lovely pictures at an allotment.

Welcome to my world.

Bettye Swann - 'Little Things Mean A Lot' (1969)


  1. What did we do? Bike rides, comic shops, a wander round old Leigh as it's 10 mins by bike, a bluebell walk to get the youngests Sea Cub's 'Hikers' badge..and a visit to two chums (and friends of the PM blog) Choco Girl and Bleech who've now become an item..

    I've been giving Tanqueray a spin lately (47% you know )- but Bombay Sapphire has been recommended by someone who knows about these things....(and Plymouth is quite tasty too)..

  2. PS - lovely tune. I really must get some more Bettye Swann.

    Topped and tailed with a goose and a swan - is that delib'?

  3. No, rest assured that anything remotely clever here is purely accidental PM; well-(bird) spotted mind.

    This is the essential purchase readers.

  4. PM - It has to be Tanqueray or Hendricks, just don't do the cucumber thing, it's horrible. Oh, and Fever Tree tonic.

    Davy H, I'm glad that the weekend has been a time of learning for others as well as myself. I learnt that I have absolutely nothing in common with my brother any longer after spending the weekend with him.

  5. Drew, I tried the cucumber thing at an instore tasting - awful. I've yet to try Sloe Gin any pointers?

  6. Glad the twin perils of aging and the internet (buying stuff in the wrong size-doh!)arn't just affecting me.

  7. you're an inspiration dearie really you are. and i never thought of you as extra large.

  8. Hey! I'm not! It was too big, OK!! x

  9. PS: It'll shrink swissadam, they always do.

  10. Yeah, but what about when you buy stuff too small?

  11. Unfortunately I am an extra large these days

    Wv - fatin

  12. I'm not buying decent stuff off the net just to put a baby in it, to dribble, vomit and shit on. Not when I can do that myself (in, admittedly, too tight clothing)

  13. Ahem, sorry, I went too far.

  14. Postscript: A proud moment last night (a whole month later) in Richmond Park when the smallest daughter spotted two of these and remembered correctly that we had identified them previously as Egyptian Geese.