Friday, May 08, 2009

Radio On

I'm in love with rock and roll - and I'll be out all night!

The Modern Lovers - 'Roadrunner' (1972, released 1976)



  1. I was listening to the Rockingbirds tribute Jonathan, Jonathan today. I love that, and I adore this.

  2. Evening Major. Usual is it?

    Evening Fawlty.

    India won again Fawlty.

    Did it Major, did it?

  3. And Preston North End have scored (see what She's done to me??).

  4. Do you recall that joke about the near-deaf couple at the Social Club?

    At the bar, one of them asked what the 'turn' was tonight.

    "Some Country & Western" came the response from the barman.

    Back at their table, the wife mouthed,
    "So what's the turn tonight then?"

    "It's some cunt from Preston!"

  5. I got one - hope it's not too racy...

    Guy asks a gas station owner how his new pump jockey is working out. Owner says he had to let him go. Turns out the kid was an ex porn star. Every time he'd get close to filling the tank, he'd pull out the nozzle and spray the last half gallon on the fender.

    I'm here all week, folks.

  6. *Ding-a-ling-a-ling*...Order round the room please members - the meat pies have come..

    PS Sex Pistols did a version of this Great Rock and Roll Swindle soundtrack if you're tempted or youtube for a taster, if you're not that tempted.

    Right I'm off to pour a Noilly and Coke

  7. It's Peroni for me this evening.

    "I took her to see India"
    "At The Oval."

    The Shrews managed to score a comedy own goal last night, sadly.

    Mind you, word verification is 'coiatti' which is very nearly 'coati' and I do like coatis, lovely things.

  8. up all night? at your age ? shocking.

    second round tonight. away. i'm worrying already.