Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Leaf On A Windy Day

There's no reason why there shouldn't be a Surf's Up-era Brian Wilson quotation in a 2008 Durutti Column song, but I find it startling nonetheless.

Beautiful album by the way, partly I think in memoriam Anthony H. Wilson.

The Durutti Column - 'So Many Crumbs And Monkeys!' (2008)
The Beach Boys - 'Til I Die' (1971)


  1. They are beauties both

    A - I never knew the Durriti's sounded like that,(had been expected angular clang) are they always that good or are there any recommended jumping in points?

    B - Which album is the BB's track from?

    And have you checked out the Sonic Execs for more of the same

  2. PM

    A - His discography is huge and I'm still discovering it myself, but everything I've heard I've loved. There's a decent 'Best Of' which might be a good starting point and I suppose the 'if you own one thing' work would be the legendary 'Return Of....'.

    B - 'Surf's Up'.

    Clicking that link now...

  3. For my money The Return of.. and Guitars and Other Machines. LC is good as well.

  4. PM,
    If you shop around you can get the Sunflower/Surf's Up twofer for less than £5 and they're second only to Pet Sounds.

  5. i saw that vini bloke last time i was up north - just by the old old factory office on palatine rd and had to stop him to tell him how lovely his records were. he was very nice.

  6. Mick/Davy Grabbed Surfs Up today..

    Strange cover - I recognised it, but always assumed it was Wishbone Ash or Tull album..

  7. Nice one PM; I'd steer clear of that awful Mike Love track though (5) - and the stupid one about the tree (8).

    The cover picture's based on this...

  8. PS: Good for you Miss Ally, I'd have been far too shy to do that. Like I didn't say hello to Georgie Fame in our Sainsburys Local last week.

  9. there's something odd going on here - i've just been digging out a georgie fame tune for the weekend


  11. Have you heard the 'Til I Die (Alternate Mix)? It's by engineer Stephen Desper who says he did it 'for his own enjoyment' and it's pretty damn good.

    BTW I saw Paul Weller in Woking just before Christmas but I didn't say anything in case he noticed I was carrying a Moody Blues CD.

  12. I picked up Holland last year - magic in some places, mad in others - I haven't played it much since..

    Couple of other bits. Haven't got former Beach Boy Justin Lee Collins album Pacific Ocean Blue - should I?

    Nor Pet Sounds - I know I should, but never have..

  13. I'd read about that other versh Mick, but didn't have it, so thanks - catch a wave!

    Pacific Ocean Blue? Crazy, fractured, coked-out, lush, indulgent, heartbreaking and lovely, and sometimes all at once.


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