Friday, May 29, 2009

Your Weekend Outlook


  1. Bueno Estente - can't remember if I've mailed you this before but if not get your orejas round this balearic mix o' mine Mirrorball Mix at it's best when weather's hot, and the drinks are chilled.

  2. Bono estente to you too Mondo. Yes, as it happens I was enjoying this again only the other day - over tapas and rosados; I heartily commend it to all readers.

    El costa del Barnes? Scorchio!

  3. A fafafa fafafa fafa fa

    Leeds ...


    Only joking - Scorchio really, like.

    Will celebrate with pie and peas and a nice cuppa tea with our lass and the whippet - Nigel. Daughter gone out to see the Jonas brothers.
    I think they live in those semis over the park covered in white dog shit (not our Nigel's, mind - I have a scoop) behind KwikSave.

  4. Oh, why oh why can't she meet some nice boys for a change?

  5. Like that Chris Waddle, he's nice.

    Meth a theth eth eth peth eth eth eth eth!

  6. Does it start with 'I love London In The Rain' if so it's this and not Mirrorball (or another one I made last summer - deleted from Divshare now though)

  7. NO! It starts with 'Music & Wine' and it's called....'Mirrorball'x Hugs to the Mrs btw.

    A fethha feta a fetha fth. SCORCHIO!

  8. A glorious 26 degrees up here today, lots of inappropriately dressed pale blue people, who will be pink tomorrow, wandering about.

    By this time next week we'll be saying "we'll have had our summer then".

    Until then you will be able to smell frying Scots folk as far south as you lot are.