Thursday, July 09, 2009

Doo Wop That Thing

The Persuasions are an a cappella group who began singing together in Brooklyn, New York in the early 1960s and have gone on to produce many albums covering a wide range of musical genres, yet all filtered through their own four-to-six-part a cappella doo-wop sensibilities. During their major years of recording, to date, they have produced 25 original albums (not including compilations of their material) within a 35-year period, in addition to appearing on numerous recordings by other popular artists. They continue to perform and record on a regular basis, appearing in concert many times each year, and constantly expanding their repertoire to include more current compositions than the "street-corner" rhythm and blues doo-wop on which their style was founded (Wiki).

I've had this LP since my Camden Town rummage days and there are many lovely things on it, but this is the one I always come back to.

Goffin and King at their Brillest, and a fine song for a bright, crisp morning in the city.

The Persuasions - 'Up On The Roof' (1969)


  1. Thanks man, summer in a nutshell. I have to say though that the Drifters versions is my idea of perfection.

  2. Yeah baby! This has a certain something though, eh?

  3. The Drifters do just about edge it but very nice all the same.

    Word verification: whinge

    Not me, matey.

  4. My husband is Jerry Lawson, former lead singer, arranger & producer of The Persuasions for 40 years & all 22 albums. Thank you for expressing your appreciation of his music. However the photo you have displayed is rather misleading since he is not in it. Also "Up On The Roof" is from their very first album before they had come close to honing their craft. So if any of you reading this are interested in exploring their very fine work please visit my husband's website at There you will click on the HISTORY tab or the ENTER tab. You'll hear so much music that is really quite stunning in it's art of soulful
    a cappella soul. Thank you for your time! Oh & Jerry has a new a cappella group with a new CD that turned out to be the masterpiece of his career. "Jerry Lawson & Talk of The Town"

  5. cor blimey - i was just going to say how marvelous that tune was but i'm all flustered now. mr h you truly are friend of the stars.
    and ta ever so mrs lawson for the top tips

  6. Mrs L. it's your husband's lead vocal that absolutely makes the track I've posted and all those early Persuasions songs I've heard and we send him big love!!!

    If you send me a group picture with Jerry in, I'll gladly use it instead...x

    Jerry's site is here y'all.

  7. (I posted that comment before Ally's but got my links messed up and had to do it again, so I guess I'm all flustered too).

  8. Oh, I love a cappella music, and this version in particular is a beauty. Thank you, Davy, and thank you to Mrs. Lawson for giving us a lead for finding more... I really enjoyed this and hadn't heard of The Persuasions, so there will likely be a cd of theirs in my future.

    Maybe I'll post up some a cappella tonight.

  9. If Jerry sells a few more CDs from this our work here is done!


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