Monday, July 13, 2009

Simplicity Of Expression: Depth Of Thought

Another vinyl rarity, £1 from my newest charity shop - today!

Funny, since we were talking about Billy Cobham only recently.

If you liked that and this, and Terry Callier's What Color Is Love, you'll dig this, baby.

Billy Cobham - 'Early Libra' (1978)

[Vocalist - Kenneth Kamal Scott. Randy 'American Idol' Jackson on bass - '110 percent']


  1. Ah you shouldn't have mentioned Terry Callier, I'm going to have to dig that out now. It's one of the pile of albums not stored on the comp or ipod...

  2. Tee hee. It's on Spotify though...

  3. cor - what a lovely thing - what's the rest like? i don't even mind the geeeetar solo which is a suprise for me. that solo noise is usually the horridest of things.

    i'm reaching for terry too


  4. I'll look forward to listening to this tomorrow - I'm off to bed now.

    And just when I was starting to lose faith in charity shops...

  5. I have high hopes of this one if this sort of thing is going to turn up there.

    Miss Ally, check your Inbox in five mins...


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