Friday, July 10, 2009

Yeah Baby

What's that Davy? New stuff ? On a Friday night?!

Oh yes! because this is so big and crunchy and synthy and funky, and we'll even forgive them for ripping off the Rotary Connection pose since they were decent enough to choose 'I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun' as their 'show and tell' track on Radcliffe & Maconie this week.

Groovy! To the bar!!

The Phenomenal Handclap Band - 'You'll Disappear' (2009)



  1. New but retro. I mean that in a good way - i like it! Just played it to the boys: The 9-year old said "That's so 70s!" The little 'un liked it and the middle one said the music was good but the song wasn't great.

  2. Spilt me peanuts thrusting around to this.

    Mick's shrewd 9 year old was born too late.

    Evening sunshine in the shed with San Miguel. Stuffed Olive anyone? She won't mind. 'Top up Tone?'

    Are they playing with clackers at 1point in this?

  3. Dick, my 9 year old has a great ear for pop music and particularly loves 70s disco. With this in mind I played him KC's 'That's The Way I Like It' and he loved it instantly - said it was one of the best songs ever made. I respect his opinion more than most adults. Check my place for a great disco song (if Mr H doesn't mind me plugging my blog).

  4. I likes it I likes it *said in the style of Speedy Gonzales*..and just the thing to cheer a bloke stuck at work on a Friday evening.

    Not what I expected from the pic, but even better..funnily enough similar to a couple of thumpers I've got in mind for next week.

  5. Working Mondo on a Friday night, bummer.

    By the way has anybody heard of Jacqueline Taieb before? Found a track on a compilation cd today and it was rather good.

  6. I understand she was a ye-ye girl: I HEARTS all that. Postes-toi?

    Mick, do your boys want a regular gig over here reviewing new tracks? I'm thinking under-10s 'Round Table' for the 21st Century. Could go global!

    Clackers. Banned at our school. You could have someone's eye out.

    Do you think Mondo's home yet?

  7. With or without the couple of thumpers he's got in mind....

  8. I'm in and the wines out - but back in tomoz *sighs*

  9. Troddin' on the winepress much too long Mond.

  10. Kinda reminded me of the album Supernature by Cerrone, from back in the late 70's. Mick junior one and two hit the nail on the head. This and a quick visit to listen to Cheryl Lynn, had me listening to disco, throwing back the rioja and reminiscing aaah.Thanks man.

  11. Disco, rioja and a reminisce? Splendid.

  12. Ha, great minds think alike, eh?

    xoxox, and there's more where this comes from... I'm sensing a real retro phase overall!

    have you heard Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros? Not dance at all, but oddly retro/woodstock/haight-asbury!

  13. Crazy! And heading your way in early Aug I see...

  14. Aye, and I'll be there, stay tuned for the review xoxo


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