Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some Candi Singing

It being a slack, sluggish week of unpredictable weather and no work (stroke, money) I finally got round to new turntable-spinning and for-convenience computerising that old Candi Staton b/w Bettye Swann LP we've mentioned before in despatches, and it sounds just glorious, glorious, glorious my friends, yeah baby and amen.

Everything on it was famously re-reissued on this, but my compilation, a bit of a curiosity with its 60s style, one-artist-per-side Beatles Versus The Four Seasons kinda thing, came out in 1986. I can tell from the neatly biroed date on the inner sleeve (sorry, really I am) that I bought it two years later, on the day after my 23rd birthday. Musta gotta voucha.

Anyway, I thought I'd post some tracks here since 1) they are what's going round at my place right now, and what's going round at my place is, as you know, what's going up on this and 2) this is my 500th post, and some Candi singing seems a better way of celebrating than me blethering on about...well, anything, really.

Thanks for popping in on however many of those 500 you made x

Candi Staton - 'I'm Just A Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin')' (1969)
Candi Staton - 'Evidence' (1970)
Candi Staton - 'I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart (Than A Young Man's Fool)' (1970)

Readers already in possession of CD versions may find these vinyl uploads unaccustomedly warm.


  1. I have downloaded and will compare andd contrast with the cds, although I think I know the answer already.

    I have a great split album Jimi Hendrix on one side and Otis on the other at the Monterey Pop Festival.

  2. Warm - and cuddly - and all the better for it if you ask me.

    Where did you get that picture of Candi?

    Candi is in my home town (again!) on Friday (appearing at the Bristol Harbour Festival - in the open air -oh dear I'm sure Candi will not appreciate the weather!). I hope to see her but not sure if I can make it.

    Congrats on your 500th - you clocked that up pretty quick!

  3. Thanks chaps. The picture's from a private session my Uncle Bob, who was a rock photographer specialising in soul/r&b artists, took back in the early 70s.

    Nah, Google Images.

    Would love to see Ms Staton live Darce, and thanks to you even know how to pronounce her name properly.

  4. 500 not out, top work - and vinyl rips too smashing

  5. cor what a gorgeous way to celebrate - those really are quite lovely. and warm. screw you cds. and ta very very very much for 500 chunks of fabulousness - i don't know what i'd do without you

  6. Don't Miss Ally, you'll make me cry - seriously x

    Salut et bonnes vacances Mond!

  7. ps - how'd you get your tunes to come with a little picture on them? it's a smashing bit of ain't the future wonderfulness

  8. They have a little picture on them in iTunes, which when they get internetted goes with them on the journey x

  9. Talent oozes from the lad's fingertips.

    500 n.o. and ne'er a chance of anyone forcing the majestic davy h to follow on. Oh no.

    Here's to your probing, nurdling, stroking, edging, crashing, flashing, sweeping and clattering your way to 1000.

    Folk come and folk go. Rest awhile and leave a message.

    I'll be seeing you in all those familiar places.

    Dickie boy

  10. Gawd bless you Dickie boy. When we get to 'tea' mine's a large one.

  11. Congratulations on reaching another milestone. If I had a penny for every post of yours I'd read I would have, er...nearly a fiver apparently.

    I don't think I've got any split LPs but I've got some split singles. Remember when they used to do that for oldies re-releases? Ohio Express and Lemon Pipers anyone? How about Thunderclap Newman and The Crazy World of Arthur Brown?

  12. Indeed!
    coupled with..
    I am the God of Hellfire!

  13. Blimey, another impressive landmark there squire! You've comfortably trumped us there as we're lagging behind on a paltry 399 posts.

    Race you to a thousand!


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