Saturday, September 05, 2009



  1. Inspired shiny nugget there Mr H. Good diggin' pardner.

    Wonder what programme that was from, squire? Finest 70s BBC Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Light (entertainment).

    Tight arrangement - with the girls working very hard - along with the wigs n dresses. With an undertaking like that, these 3 pros rather make the Sugarbabes look like bedraggled YTS Girl Fridays. Sheila Ferguson taking up a wide position in those days rather than a more central role .. up front!

    By the way, Jimmy Webb & The Webb Bros play some big UK towns in November. I'll be there, down the front - in a yellow cotton dress ... or stri-ped pants.

  2. Birds like tender babies in your arms? Happens to me a lot.

    I'd sorta like to dedicate this to Fayette, who carries it...

  3. PS: You're right; it's pure class isn't it?

    On a baser note, I really like the way La Ferguson says 'PANTS'.

  4. Sure is buddy.
    And a lovely thought for Fayette too.
    Cant help but admire the sheer hard work and rehearsal time that must have gone into that.
    Top of their game.

  5. werent they prince charles's favourite band?

  6. Them and The Field Mice, yes.

  7. Love it - have you heard Hugo Montenegro's - Macarthur Park?

    Ps watch out for a disco biscuit from me next week..

  8. high high quality. take good care of yourself was nearly up as part of the we're poorly posts round mine but somehow got missed in a flood of unpleasantness. i wish more folks did hair that good too

  9. they hold their bottoms just when she sings pants ! really.

    there's something very minnie ripperton come into my gardeny about this too don't ya think ?

  10. I'll come right out and say it. Schwing!!! You know you were all thinking the same thing.

  11. Is that real, have I just watched that?


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