Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sweet Rain

I first got this out of Torquay Library (on a cassette tape!) when I were a lad.

(It smelt of old books and old people, did Torquay Library; the old people came in there to sit somewhere warm, the old books didn't seem to mind).

Later I bought it on Compact Disc: older readers may remember these unloved and unlovely things, insets always too small to read the sleeve notes, and that was the least of their problems, oh yes.

Now here it is (or a bit of it) as a little file in the ether.....whilst thick drizzle thwacks SW London, my, my.

Stan Getz - 'Sweet Rain' (1967)


  1. I don't know about sweet rain. It has been chucking it down in biblical proportions for a couple of days here now!

  2. I had some Blue Note comp tapes from Rayleigh Library it's where I first noticed Steely Dan had ripped Rikki from Horace Silver's Song For My Father.

    Still Falls The Rain by Roxy a very tasty tune - it's based on Jekyll and Hyde you know

  3. Did Rayleigh Library smell of old people too?

  4. Thanks for this. I wish it was raining here, I do love rain.

  5. House swap! Drew heads to Ohio to feast on ripe tomatoes and September sun; Dane digs the precipitation in deepest Scotchland!

  6. i love a bit of rain too - indoors with this playing especially but regents park duck pond is magical in a downpour too

  7. Do you still hear from the duck?


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