Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Traditional (Reprise)

David Sylvian - 'September' (1987)


  1. Perfect...every year.

    There's a new one out very soon too...

    So, we'll see a new Sylvian release along with a new Prefab Sprout. Amazing!

  2. Could almost be Kate Bush couldn't it ?

    I saw Japan at their final Hammersmith Odeon gigs in 83 (got a freebie ticket). It always seemed he went from being Bryan Ferry to Brian Eno post Japan

    Have you seen how many Eno-associates he's worked Robert Fripp, John Hassel, Russell Mills, Percy Jones

  3. I haven't kept up with his more recent stuff Jon - Blemish and all...any good?

    And will I like that lost Prefabs LP after all this time? Gulp. I don't know.

    Oh yes Mondo - call an Ambience.

  4. PS: TGOE is proud to post this song on this date for the third consecutive year x

  5. AND, if memory serves, how I found this lovely blog.

    To follow up, 'Blemish' and the new 'Manofon' were very immediate works...less musical in a sense. Previewed 'Manofon' and I'm very intrigued. Check out davidsylvian.com.

    As for the Sprouts, I LOATHED the last one...Visconti production and all. Fingers crossed however...

  6. call an Ambience - genius.

    No don't know any of his solo stuff - soz (as the young'uns says

  7. Secrets Of The Beehive Mond. No wasps!

  8. It's also how I found TGOE. Shhh. Peaceful.

  9. i'll camm me an ambiience you in a minute... have you used that one every year too?

  10. Well old Dave sure hooked me some juicy punters back then eh?

    Miss Ally, your suggestion is an outrage.

  11. new peaceful footy terrace chant....

    'youre going home after listening to ambience.'

    I'll fetch my coat


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