Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Winner's Speech

Never mind Kate Moss stropping and dropping her lipstick (though that is very funny), this was the big entertainment news last night.

Well done Ms Elliot.

Speech Debelle - 'Live & Learn' (2009)

Her site


  1. It was quite a bolt from the blue. Don't really know that much of her stuff but the few tracks I have heard I've liked.

    Didn't even know who she was until listening, ahem, to Women's Hour the other week when she was being interviewed by Libby. (not sure admitting to that was such a good idea!

  2. Ah yes, here's to grooviness and jazzamatazz in the ol' hippy hoppy thing (slight return).

    We respect your right to listen to Woman's Hour, brother (or sister).

  3. my word you're with it aren't you. how dreadfully modern. nice and all. well i never

  4. How did I miss this little gem - it reminds of 21st century version of those sisters (Dilly Sisters) from the Banana Spilts

  5. I'm sure that I join you in wishing this young lady all the very best for the future.

    I do find that she speaks rather quickly and goes on a bit. Consequently, I can't quite pick up the song meanings and melodies. Nonetheless, I'm sure they are very gritty lyrics and well meant. Let's hope she gets one of those Ivor No Velly awards too.

    Good luck to her


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