Friday, December 04, 2009

Ja Baby

Neon Licht
Schimmendes Neon Licht
Und wenn die Nacht anbricht
Ist diese Stadt aus Licht
Neon lights
Shimmering neon lights
And at the fall of night
This city's made of light

Mein Gott, Ich liebe this.

Ein groß Bier bitte Brigitte!

Kraftwerk - 'Neonlicht' (1978)


  1. Das ist ein groovy beat, ja? Danke.

  2. Danke Schweiz A: ist ein bit slower dan der usual tings aus Freitag, but is vell vintry in ein gut way Ich think.

    Ah...danke Brigitte...

  3. My German only extends to für Sie ist Tommy der Krieg vorbei - courtesy of the Commando comics of the 70s.

    ein anderes Bier für meinen Freund, Kellnerin, danke.

  4. Brigitte can help you with that ; )

  5. Good World Cup draw.
    Anyone remember 'An Evening With Gary Lineker' from about '92 based on the World Cup 90? Nein. Thought not.
    Brigitta was in that!

  6. "Bunch of Krauts, that's what they are, all of 'em. Bad eggs!"

  7. F-ing brilliant. I've seen them live, you know. I was watching a concert on BBC4 recently and my 9-year old who has , er, issues (I'm planning a post on this) was totally freaked by the intro to Radioactivity where a robotic voice talked about skin cancer. He now freaks out if he even hears Kraftwerk. I've got the english version of this on luminous 12-inch vinyl you know. Jealous?

    Oh, and Dick: "My nipples explode with delight!!"

  8. Forgot to mention I'm dying from Man-flu and I'm treating it with Budweiser.

    Word verification: smatini
    It's the right one.

  9. Gin or Rum Mick, that will do the trick.

  10. Can't stand Gin but a Rum & Coke sounds good.

  11. Medicine yourself dear boy. Your luminous 12" must be some consolation.

    Mrs H has been laid up with the lurgy all day; she's even declining wine, so it must be bad. I've spent the day picking up girlies, collecting girlies, cooking teas for girlies, blah blah.

    Word verif (unreally!)= school.

    Still - wir fahren fahren fahren auf der Autobahn eh?

  12. One can't help but be consoled by a luinous 12-incher.

    New crisis: Every time I point a camera at my two youngest they stand back to back arms folded in a 'Jedward' pose.

  13. Das Ist Ein Kugelschreiber. Word verification ompessic- sounds lich krautisch. Auf weidersehen. Pet.

  14. I've just refreshed your comments page a dozen times incase the word verification looked even vaguely German, but every one came out like some deranged Italian.

  15. Reminded me of this

    Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
    How can you lose?

    One of the first records I loved.

    Petula! (keeping it vaguely European).

  16. Just followed your link to All Eyes And Ears. Thanks, I will add that to my link list too.

    And coincidence - he posted Downtown a few days ago.

    And your Ts Installed comment made me laugh out loud (sorry don't do text speak).

  17. Dane'll be pleased to meet you I am sure: and she's a lady!

  18. I suppose the reference to baking should have been a giveaway. If she ever stumbles across Feel It I expect she will think I am a lady too.

  19. Hören sie zue jezt!

  20. Brave sons of Albion trying our teutonic language, best fashioned for training camps, is as always a hilarious experience.
    Carry on.
    HDN in Berlin - no wall left

  21. I am so sorry HDN. I like your train pictures, if it's any consolation.


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