Friday, December 18, 2009

R'n'B Home For Christmas


In which B.B and Lucille Memphis-up our last Friday before Christmas. Yeah baby and woo hoo! the cheesy footballs are on me! 

 B.B. King - 'Christmas Celebration' (2002)


  1. am pissed am warm am home.
    luv you davy

  2. You're my besht mate Dickie.

    Get this on fella - it's a stomper! x

  3. Glad somebody's drunk.

    Another of Ls Christmas nights out, work this time. So just me and the boys no drink tonight, got to be responsible.

    Another excellent track Mr H.

    I see you had some snow then. When it happens down your neck of the woods it's national news.

  4. Am on the fourth of fifth glass of wine, not even on holiday... only get Friday off.

    My Festive 50 should be rearing its handsome head during the next week.

  5. Ooh those horns ~ swingeroo!!

    Have you checked out this lot possibly the only Christmas album performed while wearing Mexican wrestler masks..

    I'm on the Samuel Smiths Winter Ale (again) red after that and possibly a snowball or Martini to follow..

    Watched It's A Wonderful Life tonight *sniff, sniff*

  6. Adam - oo-er!

    Drew: yes, it's hilarious isn't it - news editors live in London! Snow in London is a catastrophe!

    Mond: 'IAWL' - oh crikey; I weep buckets when I see it, and last Christmas we actually didn't watch it at all because we were struggling with the money and felt it would all be a bit too close to home.

    It is brilliant - and much darker than you expect, right?

    Say no to 'colourisation' though - like Phil Spector = made for mono.

    Hot damn, the B.B's got me jumpin' though

    Or possibly that is the wine.

  7. We did the B and W versh, colour's like an itchy jumper for the eyes.

    I've been watching it since I was a tot and everytime I see it, I connect in a different way, but crumbled more than ever tonight. The older you get, the more you can relate to. What a performance you forget it's scripted..

    Have you got this? I picked one up for 99p in the 80s..

    And have this for light relief.

  8. 'Oh Robert, I found that moving'

    'Yes it's marvellous the things you find when you're moving'


  9. Fantastic!
    Brilliant Christmassy tunes Davy, it’s wonderful over here...

    (B B King was my fave; so glad I stopped by)

  10. Hey Lil, you're welcome - thanks for popping in. There'll be at least one more of these before Christmas Day. Mulled wine?


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