Monday, December 07, 2009

Morrissey On 'Desert Island Discs'

I missed this when it was on the radio, and then I missed its run on the iPlayer (hopeless!), so thank you dear person unknown who uploaded it in such fine quality to Media Fire.

It's a warm, funny and (for him) relatively revealing interview and an tip-top selection of tunes, only one of which I had heard before.

Morrissey's Desert Island Discs (presenter, Kirsty Young) (BBC Radio 4, November 29th 2009)

The songs played are listed in comments - 'so if you don't want to spoil the surprise, look away now'.


  1. New York Dolls - (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown
    Marianne Faithful - Come And Stay With Me
    Ramones - Loudmouth
    The Velvet Underground - The Black Angel's Death Song
    Klaus Nomi - Der Nussbaum
    Nico - I'm Not Saying
    Iggy & The Stooges - Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell
    Mott The Hoople - Sea Diver

  2. I thought he was a bit guarded. Although I was never really a Smiths fan, and still can't understand how someone with a love of such two fisted tunes - Ramones, Stooges, Velvets, New York Dolls, Sex Pistols - ended up wearing cardigans and making mopey music

    PS The Dolls were fab Friday. Loud, but fab. Morrisey would've loved it.

  3. There was nothing mopey about the Smiths really Mondo.

  4. Gotta say PM, I'm not a massive Smiths fan, but there's nothing mopey about 'em. They're far closer to The Jam circa Sound Affects but with more humour than anything else.

    They don't sound like Morrisey's influences though. He was also a huge Patti Smith fan by all accounts.

  5. I bought 'What Difference Does It Make' just never got them after that.

    Perhaps it's me, but I really can't hear any of his influences in The Smiths or his solo work

  6. I can't abide Morrissey, I know, i should hang myself in shame.

    I did however love the Smiths as a band.

    I just felt that everything with Morrissey was a front and all the quotes had been well rehearsed, I kind of had the feeling that he had been preparing for years in his bedroom for fame. I also cannot understand the idolatry that goes on for someone with such an inconsistent solo back catalogue, who seems intent on fleecing his disciples every couple of years with another repackaged Greatest Hits/Singles compilation.

    He was, however entertaining on Desert Island Discs and certainly charmed Kirsty. I was rather more impressed a week or two before by Jerry Springer, there was a man with more than a few stories.

  7. Interesting points of view - by those with opinions I respect.

    Mr Morrissey seems to be a player in the 'Marmite' syndrome. For what its worth, I suspect I squat in the PM and Drew camp. Alas, it is probably through a lack of time n effort on my part that I missed much of the humour.

    I do feel that he is 'got' by those aged 35-45 than those aged above? That is purely an anecdotal thought and not worth a hill o beans.

    By the way, I saw 'From The Jam' again last night by the way and had a blast.

    Perhaps I should pursue Simon's theory some more.

  8. I'm a big big smiths' fan who's never been overly interested in him as a solo artist... I liked the show on the whole (and did we notice that it was chosen as the inaugural DID podcast?) although some of what he said - I'm paraphrasing here but the old idea that 'I'm odd and strange and unique and thankfully there's nobody else quite like me'..., well, you just about be forgiven for thinking that to yourself as a teenager (or the kind of eternal teenage you must be as a 20s rock star) but now? Anyway 'I walked a pace behind you at the soundcheck, you're just the same as I am...'

  9. And you find that you've organised your feelings
    For people
    Who didn't like you then
    And who do not like you now

    The man's a legend.

    I miss my cardigans.

  10. I found a dark red cardigan in the bottom of the drawer at the weekend and wore it all day, it was lovely.

    Also, whilst we're talking about the wireless, why did nobody tell me about Radio 7? I spent the evening washing up to the sound of Captain Mainwering doing the 'stupid boy' thing and then Terry and Bob meeting up on the train.

  11. Clement & La Frenais - the Morrissey & Marr of British sitcoms....

  12. All the best Mr H, but from your picture I would have sworn you were older than that. Sair milk round? as they say up here

  13. Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

  14. DID is now a podcast so it's easy to get hold off via bbc website. Not sure about the openess of the interview they danced around a lot especially his "isolationsist" tendancies.
    Oh and that he only likes music from before he was famous if he'd made his list in 1983 it would probably be the same.
    Fraid I never really got his solo stuff apart from Suedehead which is excellent.
    In the end though the world would be duller without our Stephen.

  15. It would, and that is the point I think, really. I was very tired of 'rock' stars who couldn't string a sentence together before him, and I am still of all those who came since.

    I'm on record re. the solo stuff.

  16. PS: Do the podcasts have the music on?

  17. Kirsty announces at the start of the podcast "For rights reasons the music choices are shorter than in the radio broadcast". They are typically only 30 seconds. Better sound quality mind but your link is the full broadcast.

  18. I like his DID's better than I like his music. I'm thinking he's recalling some of what he might have listened to in his reckless youth. Perhaps he's having a midlife crisis. Along those lines, friend Davy, only six more to go for you. Maybe sooner given your fondness for checkers.

  19. Aye, you speak the truth DD.

  20. I thought the interview was rather marvellous (finally got round to listening as I knocked some nosh up for the kids). Clearly Kirsty is in love with him (and that feeling became somewhat mutual over the course of their time together I think).

    I thought some of his introductions reminiscent of another hero, John Peel. Which took me by surprise.

    And the sign off was priceless.


    P.S. Not only that but I am listening to Radcliffe & Maconie as I type...

  21. Thanks for posting this, Davy.

    I also missed it myself.


  22. You're welcome Mike: thanks for the thanks.


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