Friday, January 29, 2010

Death Disco

People often say to me, "DavyH old fruit, we know your occasional series of extended disco classics builds into a magnificent library our whole family will enjoy, but sometimes of a Friday we'd quite fancy a blast of the Young Master Lydon in his prime, especially given the recent resurgence of interest in his second most-famous band".

I am happy to oblige.

Hit it Wobble.

Public Image Limited - 'Public Image' (1978)


  1. The weekend starts here, Mr H.

    Expenses completed. Time to log off and open the Gin.


  2. Cheers yourself Master D. I'm off to the fridge.

  3. Top quality tune, enjoy with a bottle of red I think.

  4. Does this new highly collectible compendium come with a sturdy dedicated folder affording handy access whilst maintaining longevity?

    And will it go up in price to £5.99next week?

  5. Supplies are certainly limited. Order now to avoid disappointment. Investments may go up, as well as down. Calls cost 35p from BT landlines, other networks may vary and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. David Cameron went to Eton. There's a row going on down near Slough. London traffic, going nowhere. Jim fixed it for me. Terms & conditions apply.

  6. Goes rather nicely with a little Jack And Daniel I must say.

  7. gawd... lagging behind as usual and this is just the thing to shock myself back into action. blimey they were grand weren't they. and wobble's occasional appearances on bbc london are the most wonderous bits of broadcasting you could wish for. give him his own show somebody please.


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