Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Reggae # 13

No matter what the people say
These sounds leads the way

It's the order of the day from your boss DJ
I King Stitt

Hot it from the top, to the very last drop!

He's right you know.

Clancy Eccles (featuring King Stitt) - 'Fire Corner' (1969)


  1. Here's a companion piece for you.

    Have a good weekend

  2. It's FANTASTIC innit!

    In an outrageous development I have had to do work this week, so I shall be needing a skank and 'a few scoops' ((c) Mondo).

  3. work? the bleedin' nerve. i had to go to the library. in the rain. and now i've got to nip out for some basmati. it's an outrage.

  4. I'm always running out of basmati. It's a curse. Are you skankin' tho?

  5. This is so up my street it's blocking the road. I've been banging on the Trojan box sets this week Country not so good - this is bizarre but delicious..

    And go easy on the scoops ol' lad - I've got a velcro head from last night (Hen's Teeth ale and scotch to follow).

    Also check out Lee Scratch Perry's Bionic Rats - winner

  6. It isn't that I'm not trying ever so hard to picture myself relaxing under the swaying palm of a Negril beach while sipping elegantly on my 3rd Pina Colada of the afternoon, but honestly, old thing....!

    Nice try though!


  7. Wonderful stuff. And no scratches unlike my copy.

    For a Live Injection reprise (and more of that cover!):

  8. 'So up my street it's blocking the road' is my new best phrase o'the month Mond, bless you.

    CF, I worry that it may be a bit pacy for your beach moment love, do please take care not to over-stretch.

    Weird thing is Darce I have TU 1 & 2 on CD (a very early one) and it is clear the tracks have been lifted from vinyl. There are wonky bits where the record must've been off centre, clicks and pops, everything. Probably some dodgy knock-off, and good luck to 'em.

  9. I've never heard this before but it reminds me of being eight and listening to my brothers reggae records. They sounded like they came from another plnet to me.

    I think they must have been really careless with master tapes in those days. I've got Liquidator on an Island CD and that sounds like a vinyl rip.

  10. er.. that's planet, of course.

  11. I like plnet.

    And I think they did, come from another.

  12. Did someone mention bad, smutty rice? I love me some badsmutty rice...

  13. As good as good badsmutty, I'd say.


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