Friday, January 08, 2010

It's Friday...Let's Skid Around Berkshire!

In an outrageous imposition on my Friday, I was today required to drive to an unpaid, afternoon 'meeting' outside of London!
And my wheels went slippy slippy on rubbish country lanes!

I may need an extra day off on Monday just to recover.

The Invitations - 'Ski-ing In The Snow' (1966)


  1. lol, try living at the bottom of a country lane after living in London. This weather has made me really miss London at least for getting around. I feel a little under siege around here.

  2. You deserve a medal for dedication above and beyond the call of duty. I got my car stuck in the small space between my drive and the road. I got the hump and left it there for seven hours before digging it out. Any request to drive to Berkshire, paid or unpaid, would have got very short answer.

  3. Only berks drive in Berks. (I got stuck outside a pub called The Rampant Cat near Newbury once).

    It was so cold today my scally Scouse mate kept his hands in his own pockets for a change.

  4. Mick - thank you. It's that spirit of warm empathy, so reminiscent of that shown during the darkest times in our history, that reminds me of what it truly means to be British. Bless you.

    Dickie - I was right near there! It was HORRENDOUS! I was entirely surrounded by Tories!

    Simon - you've no-one but yourself to blame.

  5. I fucking hate snow but I hate this freezing fog even more that we've got at the moment.

    Talking of driving, yesterday i took the back road to Edinburgh leaving the house at 06:00 hrs and at a place called Carnwath the temp gauge in the car was reading -18, i shit you not about a minute later some twat in a people carrier overtook me on what is not a great road at the best of time, he must have been doing 80, clown!

  6. Ooh! You didn't get stuck on the notorious Robin Hood Roundabout, did you? No idea where that is but it's always on the traffic news.

  7. If you got stuck outside a Berkshire pub did you at least have the consolation of a few pints of Old Thumper? They've started doing bottles of it around here, it's a bit dangerous.

    I recommend not having a car. Although I fell over twice on the walk from the train to school today.

  8. Ah! The 'few pints of Old Thumper' - that was why I couldn't keep the car on the road.


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